Kim Hargreaves lois pattern

Hello everybody,

I’m knitting Lois jacket from Kim Hargreaves’ Touching Elegance magazine . I’m traslating the pattern to spanish because is easier for me before start knitting, but i have a few doubts.

I’m knitting the XS Size. These 14 rows form the pattern:

Row1: Inc in first st, K to las st, inc in last st.
Row2: Purl
Row3: Knit
Row4: Purl
Row5: As row 1
Row6: Knit
Row7: Knit
Row8: Purl
Row9: As row 1
Row10: Purl
Row11: Knit
Row12: Knit
Row13: Inc in first st, P to las st, inc in last st.
Row14: Knit

So i’ve knitted these 14 rows twice but my problem is the next paragraph:

To shape side seam, the pattern says:

[B]Next Row (RS):[/B] [I]Cast on 25 sts, work across these sts as folls : K4, patt to end.[/I]

[B]Next Row:[/B] [I]Cast on 25 sts, work across these sts as folls : K4, patt to last 4 sts, K4.

Last 2rows set the sts - first and last 4sts of every Row now worked in g st with all other sts still in patt.[/I]

I don´t understand what “patt to end” means on that rows…

Than you for your help! And sorry for my english…

It means to work every row ,with 4 garter stitches at each end and work the pattern on the stitches between the garter stitches
like this: 4 garter stitches, pattern on stitches till last 4 stitches, knit remaining 4 stitches in garter stitch.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Yes, that’s the way the individual rows are set up, as Daylily described.
As far as knit or purl rows (the pattern stitch that the instructions are indicating), continue the sequence given in rows 1-14.
So if you’re just finished a row 14, then
Next Row (RS): Cast on 25 sts, work across these sts as folls : K4, patt to end.
is a row 1 or knit row and
Next Row: Cast on 25 sts, work across these sts as folls : K4, patt to last 4 sts, K4.
is a row 2 or purl row.

I think i’m going to try this way, I understand now.

Thank you so much Daylilydayzed and salmonmac!

You are welcome! When I learned to knit, it was from a booklet. We didn’t have computers in the home in the 1970’s.I never thought I would be helping someone with pattern help then.I am self taught and have had to figure out things on my own because no one in my family knitted. I can sew, have had people ask me where my daughter got an outfit I made. A teacher I had said that when some one asks where you purchased something that you made, whether it be sewn or knitted,you had reached Handmade status. If no one asks , then you are still in the homemade area of crafting.

I have one more question sorry!

Do I have to keep increasing stitches during the following 14 rows of the pattern ?

thank you for your help, daililydayzed . I’ve also learned by myself, and sometimes I need some help, especially with patterns in English.

Questions are always welcome.
I’m assuming this pattern is knit from the end of the sleeve up to the shoulder and body of the sweater. Is that correct?
If so, then, no, don’t continued the increases at the ends of the rows. The earlier increases shape the sleeve but once you’ve cast on the two sets of 25sts, you’re knitting the front and back of the sweater and you don’t need the increases.
If the sweater isn’t knit from the end of sleeve up to the body, let me know.

Yes, it is knit from the end of the sleeve up to the shoulder.

According to the pattern I just complete the right sleeve.

Thank you for the explanation, salmonmac! I don’t have much experience and it’s my first jacket.

thinking to learn knitting… but after reading these it is looking so much complicated.:aww:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
It’s like a lot of things in life: looks complicated, turns out not so much once you begin. If you’re interested, give it a try and see if you like the process. Take it step by step and you’ll likely be amazed at what you can accomplish.
There is a good tutorial for beginners at the top of the page under Free Videos, Getting Started.
We’re here to help out too, if you need it.