Kilt Sock Patterns...Know of any?

Morning all!

My husband and 2 sons are all in pipebands and I’m looking for kilt sock patterns that are a little more creative than John Anderson’s Kilt hose or popcorn tops…does anyone have a pattern that they can share?

There are two books that I’m looking for …
“Knitting Scottish Kilt Hose and Hiking Socks” by Joanne Gibson Hinmon and
"Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose" by lady Veronica Gainford

Does anyone have copies they can part with?..they are impossible to find!


Here are a few free patterns:

and Knit Picks has this book on sale for about another week:


oops, sorry - should have read your post before posting - I see you’ve already found the free patterns. Well, the book at knit picks is one you’re looking for.

i saw a book for kilt hose, or something similar, at schoolhouse press, just today. maybe that will help you out.

Thanks heaps Marilyn! Just ordered the book…so happy…have been looking for that book for literally years!

Now the boys will soon be sporting new socks…although kilt socks take as long as a sweater to create sometimes!

Happy Knitting!

WOW! Now have both my books enroute!!! You guys are amazing!!!