Killarney hat

Can anyone tell me where I could find the pattern for a Killarney hat? Without going to Ireland, of course! Unfortunately, that’s not an option right now.

Don’t know where you’re from, but just in case you’re one of the many non Irish here I thought I would have a go at finding it.
hmm, being Irish and all can’t say I’d ever heard of it, so I asked my mother who is from Cork (next county over from Kerry), and she’s never heard of a Killarney hat either. So I looked it up on and it appears as if everywhere it’s sold it’s listed in dollars - this leads me to believe it’s one of those things that are made purely for export to America - often at extortionate prices - there is however a “Killarney hat studio”. This probably means it’s one of their designs or else it’s just a normal type of hat that happens to be made in or is popular in Killarney and called something else in other counties.
The pictures I did see were of a woolen brimmed hat - does the one you’re looking for have any particular pattern on it…

Not saying that this is the case here but there are an awful lot of companies that make export goods and souvenirs with “made up” associated histories and clan associations that aren’t real as they know they are saleable - such as one company I saw on the net selling Aran jumpers for a huge amount of money by claiming every family in Ireland has it’s own design - certainly every family on the Aran Isles probably did but not every family name in Ireland was represented in such a small population and most families stayed in particular geographical areas until relatively recently (ie the last hundred years or so) so why would say a co. Wexford family name have an Aran Jumper pattern particular to it?
Another relative of mine used to knit jumpers for another company and their quality standards were very high, but the amount the knitters got paid was very low and they sold them for a huge mark up - just be careful when buying “genuine Irish” as it may be genuinely made in Ireland but that’s about it!