Kill Me Now

As of today I’d been off tobacco for two months. I blew it.

I went to a local bar and got to talking with a young lady who happens to smoke. I wound up smoking and even bought a pack.

The idea of starting all over again with the nicotine withdrawal and all of that is simply miserable.

Just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

No excuses, I did it to myself, I know that. I am sooooo stupid.

Everyone has times when the fall off the wagon. You’re not alone. Just toss the pack and continue on as you were before! You can do it! :hug::hug:

Well, maybe you’ll need to start going to non-smoking bars from now on. not from yesterday on. I quit 2 years ago. Its hard. very hard. temptations everywhere. nothing like sharing a smoke with others. or smoke over conversation. but to help yourself to quit, you need to convince yourself you are way stronger than your need for nicotine while you stay away from it your body gets rid of it. I know, nothing that I can say will confort you. but you are the only one who can do it.

Maybe the more realistic trick is running away fast if you see a lady pull out a cigarette. There are plenty of non-smoking gals out there!

Heh…serves you right for moving in to appear suave :cool:

Empty the pack into a pile, set them alight and do a small war dance around it reminding that not every James Bond needs to smoke :slight_smile:

Eh, just hop back on the wagon. It’s only as tough as you allow it to be. I quit 2 years ago. You can do it too. I’m rooting for you! :cheering:


If you feel the urge to smoke, pull out those knitting needles! Much better than holding a cigarette!

That’s the part that bothers me, I really thought I had it licked. Once a junkie always a junkie I guess.

hey, hang in there… but I know you know that… jsut remember… is a good looking girl you might never see again reason to put yourself through all that pain?

Find a nonsmoker… you can do it!

Hang in there Mason hugs
I quit for a year and then started again. Then quit again. It’s going well so far. Just keep at it :slight_smile:

I’m with Jan- toss it and keep going… no worries! Everyone makes mistakes, its what you do after that counts!

Relapse is a part of addiction, whether it’s nicotine or something stronger.

You did it once, you can do it again (and again and again if necessary.)

I second Jan (or maybe third), just toss the pack and hop back on the wagon. You can do it!

I agree with all of the above. Just throw them away and get over it! (I am also an X smoker.) It has been about 12 years for me - it took a few falls to stay upright. And I don’t know if I have quit for life - but I have for today and so can you! And tomorrow I’ll decide [I]not[/I] to smoke again. You can too—

I agree with the above. Mason, we are here to support you through this.

if you only had one, or maybe 2, it will still be easy!
withdrawal, pfft! :teehee:

and - you are on quitnet right? do you have the detox process fact sheet? … do you want to go through all that again?
those people in that just-quit forum were always good for remotivating me when I was already halfway out the door to buy a pack.
& if they don’t help, there are all the pages and pages long of cravings post by those who just quit after years and years and years. yours can’t be that bad again yet (I hope). don’t put yourself through that either!!

& also, you didn’t fail, you just tripped.

you can do it!! good luck!

Hey Mason you can do it. I am only a month ahead of you. I still have the cravings. Thank goodness not as bad. You can do this we are all here to help ya:clink:

I think you should get a puppy or two - I find I don’t have time to do anything since my Daisy came along : )

Seriously - never been a smoker, but done the diet thing and had “trips” as one poster said where after a bad day I would stop for food I shouldn’t have been eating or my willpower would fail. You just throw it all away and start again the next day.

My cousin found the nicotine gum to be really helpful when she quit.

Best of Luck -

I appreciate all of the positive comments folks. I don’t make excuses for my actions, they’re mine and I own them. I wish it had only been a couple of smokes, but it was a whole pack.

Now I am back to square one, trying to get started quitting again. I woke up this morning craving a smoke so bad I feel like I never quit. I’m going to have to approach this all over again as if it’s the first time, setting a quit date and all.

Who would have thought that quitting smoking will still be so hard after 2 months?

The sad thing is, I was perfectly happy not smoking. A craving here and there yes, but it’s not like I was miserable about it. Now I am.

Okay, so now you’re a serial quitter. That’s no reflection on your character.

Falling off the ashy end isn’t a question of weakness; it’s part of the process of getting past a really bad addiction. (I’ve heard it’s harder to quit tobacco than heroin.) Some people quit permanently the first time; for others it takes several tries.

Move on. Quit again. I’m lucky enough not to speak from personal experience, but my best friend has quit four times, each time for a longer period. (It’s been over two years now.) She says that it’s easier to stop every time you do it; apparently the withdrawal becomes less unpleasant. And any amount of time you remain smoke-free is a bonus for your health.

So tell us, what was the lady like?