Kidz Clothing

Shirt and sun hat for a friend’s little girl (Ingrid):

Quirky monster hat for the girl’s older brother (Benjamin):

Those are respectively adorable and very scary. Beautiful hat and top and perfect hat for the brother, all in great colors.

All I can say is adorable, adorable, adorable!!! :muah:

Cool. Cute kidz things. That monster hat is clever.

Forgot to mention that the little girl has beautiful carrot orange hair, which means I agonized over what color to make her hat and shirt. However, I think the greeny-blue color will really be cute on her.

I used this pattern for the shirt (with modifications, of course):

Sun hat pattern:

I got the idea for the monster hat here:

Oh, and I just mailed it off today! Can’t wait to see if they like it!

Thanks for looking!

Those are adorable! Thanks for the cute top pattern, too!

Just precious!!! :muah:

Very cute! I love those monster hats! :rofl:

I’d love to see that hat on her hair. I say, what’s not to like. Let us know how the little ones like their gifts, please.

Yeah, I hope my friend will send me pictures of the kids in their stuff. If she does, I’ll see if I can get permission to post them here.

I thought maybe my friend would get the package today, but I haven’t heard anything. Patience! Patience!!!

Those are fiercely cute items. And the colour choice is great.

Oh this is such ADORABLE stuff! You did such a nice job! Great!!!

Quick update: The kids got these in the mail on Saturday, and according to their mom, they were thrilled. Ingrid didn’t want to take her hat off, and her mom said the blue really brought out the color of her eyes. Benjamin loves his monster hat, and both were trying to steal an ear warmer (not pictured) that I sent to their mom!

THAT certainly made all the headaches of making these worthwhile!!

I’m not sure yet if the shirt fits, but I hope to get pictures of them soon!

Thanks for all your kind comments.

Excellent. :yay: I can feel the love. :muah: Nothing matches having a child love something you’ve made.