Kidsilk Haze lace scarf OK for summer?

I’m still tearing out my hair to find a yarn/pattern for my scarf exchange partner.

Here’s my dilemma:
I want to make a scarf that my pal will be able to wear through the spring and summer, and she’s in the Midwest.
I found a nice airy lace pattern which includes beads at the ends and I already bought some Kidsilk Haze in my pal’s favorite color.
I’m excited about it and everything, but -
Now I’m wondering if this is going to be still too warm??? :??

Any suggestions?

Thanks a million! :muah:

I’ve never used this, but I looked it up and it doesn’t look like it’d be too warm to wear through the spring. Being in the the Midwest, she may have some cooler weather through spring anyway. I’d go with it.

:cheering: Thanks so much Kaydee!

I’m so relieved, now I only have to go buy the beads and I can cast on!

Thanks again! :muah:

[color=indigo]I made one on size 15 needles with mostly KidSilk and Hip-Hop. It is VERY lacy and light, almost weightless. And KidSilk does not scratch, so I think it’s OK for summer. I made it for someone to wear in south Florida, the armpit of the swamp, so … :teehee:


so… :teehee: … it sounds like I’m doing okay with this project.

Thanks, Landolphe for your encouragement.

I’ll hurry up and make this quickly so that it gets there as early (and cool) as possible. My pattern only calls for size 6 needles, but I’ve seen the sample and pictures and it’s very airy.

Got my beads and am ready to cast on. Yippee! :cheering:

Thanks guys for your help! Makes me feel so much better. :muah:

I am actually making a lace scarf in kidsilk haze at the moment, and it is SO soft and light! I just keep on snuggling up to it while I’m knitting! :rofl: But yeah, it doesn’t seem to be warm, just very airy. So good luck with your scarf swap! :cheering:

Thanks, terujoan!

We’ll have to swap FO pics when we’re done. :cheering:

Happy knitting to you, too!