Kids taunt school aide and threaten physical violence on bus

Oh jeez, why am I not surprised. When I worked as a sub, middle school was my least favorite assignment. Those tween years are the worst of them all.

While I feel badly for the aide and do not condone the behavior of the students, she worked long enough with kids to know the number one rule is “Never let them see you sweat.” Had she stood the first speaker down with a stern “Sit down and close your mouth,” chances are good, nay, excellent, it would’ve stopped there.

And while inflammatory and far from PC, I believe the kids who did that need not a spanking, but a public caning as do their parents, whose first words to the school officials will likely be "my baby would never do that.’ <sigh>

I agree! I saw this on the news. People have donated over $5000 to send this lady on a vacation to show her that they are behind her in putting this behavior to rest. Don’t kids realize that cameras are everywhere?

If I’d even thought about doing such a thing, I would have been spanked at school, spanked at home, and grounded to boot!

Oops! Am I showing my age? (And how sad that we’ve come this far since my school days!)

That makes two of us Antares… I signed releases for the principal to spank both of my kids if they got out of line. It’s one of the few truly good things about living in the Deep South, that most of our school districts still do that. Stupid should hurt, you know…

there was an issue a couple of years ago about a teacher who spanked a child in one of our western provinces. There is an old law that says they may use reasonable force and therefore the actions of the teacher were deemed appropriate as it was on the bottom over the clothes with no marks left.

An online campaign has raised over $675,000 for her so far. I’m pretty sure she’ll never have to work with one of these little monsters again. :cheering:

I heard that on the news! I am glad that something good came of it for her. I can’t remember what the consequences are for the youngsters.