Kids sweater arm help!!

Hi! I am new to this forum and very new to knitting. I’m so excited I found this!! I’m trying to knit a sweater for my daughters Halloween costume. I’ve never made one so I’m trying this sew together pattern. I’m wondering if/how I could make it long sleeve. The pattern is below. I’m sssuming I just add a few stitches to the first few rows?? Thanks so much for any assistance!!!

I suppose you could add stitches to the beginning of rows at the tops of the 2 body squares. But I wouldn’t know how many stitches to add and for how many rows.

Nice sweater though! Maybe the child could wear a matching long sleeve turtleneck underneath instead?!?!


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I agree with knitcindy. You could figure out the sleeve width you need and when you get to that point in knitting the body, cast on sts for the sleeves. Maybe cast on in half the sts needed on each side and then cast on the other half in the next row.
You can use the number of sts per inch to figure out how many sts to cast on.

Hi Vms517,

Thanks for sharing this information with us. It is very beneficial for me because I am going to stitch a sweater for my newborn baby.

The directions to stitch a sweater you provided is very simple. So I will try it.

Thank you

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