Kids sizing?

got a dumb question–how do children’s sizes compare? for example…if a pattern does not give a number size (like child’s size 8) but says “29” inch chest…finished 31")

what size does that work too???

thank you!

betsey (another dumb blonde question!)

This is from a pattern I have:
Age 2-3 22 inches
Age 4-5 24
Age 6-7 26
Age 8-9 28
Age 10-11 30
Age 12-13 32

Hope this guide helps you.

thank you so much! just what i was looking for!

this is definitely NOT a dumb question, I find it extremely useful. I would use a similar chart for baby sizes too.

I suggest downloading the PDF and you’ll have them all in one place.

Sue, is this the chest size or length in your chart?

knit2btied: That is chest sizes.