Kids Knitting Machine?

Alright, so ive been after one for awhile, why? Because I love hand knitting, but sometimes, im just get all lazy-like and want to go “Ooh, look what ive done!” without having to put in anymore effort then turning a crank xD

Well today, whilst hunting in The Warehouse (New Zealands answer to Wallmart) for a laptop bag, I came across the “Creative Kids, Weaving Machine”, $22 down from $36, “Oooh, thats for me!!” and so it was.

Had it for a few hours now, gone thru lots of stash making silly tubes and giggling the whole time, great fun, highly recommend it for thoes “silly” knitting moments we all need in our lives.

Anywho, thats all good and well, but heres my trouble, I want to knit a flat panel with it, which it can do, and I roughly know how. But, the instructions are, of course, poorly translated and I just cant figure it out xD

I can “cast on” but cant figure out how to make it go back over the cast on. I know im just supposed to “turn the crank the other way” and thats all well and good, but what do I do with the yarn? It says to “bring it gently to the front of the needle” … but its already in the front of the needle!! If I just knit from there, the end stitch falls out from the needle and well, edges get huge loops and … and … help please!!

Ive looked up other kids knitting machine instructions online but none of them actualy give me detail on how to “turn” the work so I can knit back … I feel so silly, I can build a computer and change a tire, but do you think I can figure this bloody thing out!?? xD I suppose its something really simple, which im just not picking up on … any help MUCHLY appreciated!

Thanks guys n gals!