Kids Knit - learning K2tog and reading a pattern Edited

I wrote out this pattern for a bookmark for my kids knit group. Can you follow it? Will it help them learn to read a pattern? Should I change anything … to make it more like a “real” pattern. I’m looking for critique
so NO hurt feelings and ALL suggestions welcome!
We have talked about yarn weight and gauge. I will teach k2tog and fringe.

Garter Stitch Kids Knit Bookmark with Fringe

Worsted weight yarn : about 15 yards
Knitting needles size 7,8, 10 or 10.5

Gauge : 4-5 sts per inch using size 10 needles for a 2” x 6” bookmark, You can make your book mark smaller or larger by using different size needles and yarn OR by casting on more or less stitches.

CO - Cast on
K - Knit
Garter Stitch - Knit every row
K2tog - Knit two stitches together
Dec – decrease
BO – bind off
St / Sts – Stitch, Stitches

An easy way to count rows is that every ridge (two bumps together) is 2 rows.
You can also knit until your bookmark measures the length you want minus 1" (for the point) instead of counting rows.

CO 9 stitches
Row 1- 26 : K
Begin decrease
Row 27 : k2tog, K to the end of row ( 8 sts on needle)
Row 28 : k2tog, K to end of row (7 sts on needle)
Row 29: k2tog, K to end of row (6 sts on needle)
Row 30: k2tog, K to end of row (4 sts on needle)
Row 31: K2tog, K to end of row (3 sts on needle)
Row 32: K2tog, K to end of row (2 sts on needle)
Row 32: K2tog, K to end of row (1 st on needle)
BO last stitch

Use three 6” strands of yarn to make 3” fringe for the point.

You might mention the needle size you used to get that gauge…would be a good lesson in the way different knitters can get a different gauge depending on their own tension.

Maybe list the approximate yardage you will need…

And, in the materials list, give a possible range of needle sizes?

It looks good–a great idea for a first project. MY first project was a bookmark!

I assume that you will show them how to k2tog and bind off? You might want to attach directions for all the stitches, if you haven’t already, so they can refer to it at home.

Also there’s a word missing in the paragraph before the instructions. "An easy ________ to count. . . .

Thanks! Great ideas … I have to go and knit a couple of rows to figure out the yardage :slight_smile: We have learned to cast on, knit and bind off. I will teach them K2tog and how to make the fringeytasslethingy. I do give them a stitch how to sheet each week… and for some start from square one each week … or should I say loop one. Others just take right off. I have also had at least one new comer each week. It is very fun!