Kids helping blighted areas with yarn orojects

We are Yarn Bombing a blighted neighborhood in mid October to give it a positive feel and get our kids involved in helping a small rural community that has just been named “the worseGhetto in Kansas”. People are depressed about that and we are trying to help lift spirits. We want to yarn bomb all the town benches, trees, light poles in red , white and, blue. We are also going to turn wire fences into flower gardens and make covers for the 185 street mailboxes in the area. 36 students in the art class are weaving pieces but we need some help. If you have flat knitted pieces anywhere from 12" by 10" or bigger we can make mail box covers. If you have pieces that could be made into flowers or that are flowers, we can weave gardens on fences. I will post a couple if examples and we will post pictures after the event. We have a very small amount if money we cold use for stamps or postage. Items should be sent to Coffeyville Area Foundation C/o yarnbombing project. 1314 west 11th street. Coffeyville, Ks 67337.

This is really great Idea, I will have a look at my unfinished box tonight and see if anything suits

Thanks so much. We hope to lift spirits, team build, and make this area more attractive for a while. We will reuse these in other yarn bomb initiatives.

This is really an amazing and important initiative. Will love to be a part of this idea. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I am more than a little overwhelmed by it…so many kids want to help which is good but getting the supplies is a challenge. I am blown away by the generosity and good spirit if this group. Peggy