Kids are the best

I sit here at my computer laughing a little. I babysit my grandkids while the parents work. So I taught them both how to knit. We all get into our jammies after supper. So while I get into mine I look into the bedroom and there they are both knitting in bed and watching a movie. I had to laugh as both are really into there knitting. If I had a camera I would have taken a picture of them. They are also colored coded, Jake has the blue yarn and Mariah has the red. Just gotta love the grandkids.:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

Sounds like a picture all right!!!

That’s so cute! I wish I could have seen it!

That reminds me of my grandson… He was two at the time, and he needed a shower. So I showered him. I brought him out of the shower and wrapped him in a fluffy towel and gave him a rub down. He giggled and took off out of the room. I cleaned up the mess in the bathroom and then went hunting for him. There he was, laying on my bed, naked as the day he was born, with his legs crossed at the ankles, his arms behind his head (which was resting on the pillow). I asked him what he was doing and he replied “ohhhhh having a bud, watching the game!” I nearly choked but somehow I managed to keep a straight face as I got him dressed in his pj’s! Children are soooo very much fun and such wonderful entertainment!

Need Pics… Need Pics

Must have grandchildren pics…

wish i could have seen :slight_smile:

By the time I got the camera the kids were done knitting. I have both of there knitting in there own containers. Jake has a red basket for his knitting, Mariah has my little red bag from Michaels. They love knitting when I am also knitting. We have our own little knitting group.:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:
I will try and get a pic to show everyone they are really cute when we are ready to knit.

What a wonderful photo that would have been - but you will have others. How old are your grandkids? I am expecting my first in March and already have plans of him sitting and knitting with me. I am also going to watch him while his parents work.

Mariah is 10 and Jake is 8 and they really took to the knitting. I don’t even make them knit I think that would take the thrill of it out.

That gave me the first, best laugh of the day!!! “…having a bud, watching the game.” Hysterical! Thank you!:roflhard:

You’re welcome. It was one for our memory book. The child is just hilarious! I love him to bits and he is total entertainment. So is his sister. Being a grandparents is the BEST because you get all the joy of the children with none of the responsibility.

I have a t-shirt that says "If I had known having grandchildren would be this much fun, I’d have had them FIRST."
I wore this t-shirt into the delivery room on the day my grandson was born and again on the day that my granddaughter was born I wore it to the hospital when I took the little man in to see his sister!

Sweet!!! I love both these stories (“havin’ a Bud”:chair:) thanks for sharing!!


lol. me 2! i thank you! :thumbsup: