Kids and Knitting Needles

I have a 5 y/o and a 7 y/o. I know enough to know that if I leave something out, it will be touched.

I have two cats… I know enough that yarn/wool and cats equals cat heaven.

I keep my WIP’s and Needles in a large old suitcase/trunk.

I :heart: to knit socks. As a treat to celebrate me knitting my very first pair of socks for myself (not my first pair of socks) I splurged on Rosewood needles.

Last night I finished my first sock for myself. :cheering: I carefully packed everything away.

This morning I went to cast on my next sock. To find only 2 of 5 needles.

I tore my suitcase apart.

Sinking :heart: … I called my kids.

No one admitted it, but a search of their rooms turned up 6 halves of Rosewood knitting needles.

Mamma is :!!!: :wall: :!!!: :grrr: :grrr:

My kids are going to be lucky to have any fun for a month!!! Of course, neither will Mamma!

Err, and I told my DH, but as I earned the money babysitting and fudged on the cost of the knitting needles…

I :shrug: when I’ll be able to get me another set of needles. I’ll likely have to frog my first sock and reknit it on a set of needles I own already.

They broke them? I think they are old enough to help pay for a new set. :doh:

Just reading your post makes me feel nauseas. I can only imagine how you feel. I am so sorry :pout:

that’s horrible.
time to get a lock!

I have two boys, 5yrs and 6yrs, and two girls, 3yrs and 2yrs. They know not to touch my knitting, but every once in a while…
My hisband and I just took a 7 week class called “Systematic Techniques of Effective Parenting” and this would have been a perfect situation to bring up in class!
To look on the bright side: Your kids are curious (a sign of intelligence) and they’re showing interest in your knitting (and they have good tast in needles, right) and here’s a perfect learning opportunity for respecting people’s property and consequences.
They should definitely help pay for replacements, or even have to forego a new toy or book for themselves to put money towards new needles.

I definitely feel for you. I have a family daycare, too, and still money for knitting is hard to come by. I’m visiting my mom this weekend and there’s a Michael’s near her and I told my husband I want to go and get yarn for my twin sister’s bday (I’m going to make a felt backgammon board as a foray into short rows and felting). Anyway, my DH’s response was: “You’d better get another kid” (Meaning a daycare kid and more money. He was mostly joking, but still…I know how you feel!

:hug: I’m sorry your needles are broken!

What company did you get your needles from? Some companies have lifetime warranties on their needles, and if they break, they’ll send you replacements for free. A gal at the knitting guild broke one, and they sent her a few extra.

:hug: HUGS :hug:

I have 2 cats, a 2 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. That is a big knitting-fear of mine when they get too close to mama’s stuff. I caught DD yesterday with my circs, sweater still attached, trying to knit :teehee: It was cute and all, but for a split second I was afraid that all my hard work had been destroyed. (it wasn’t).

Oh no! That’s so sad they broke them. I agree with Jan, they’re old enough to pay for a new set or do things around the house so they can earn the money to pay for a new set. :hug:

:hair: :thud:

Ohhhhhh no~! I am so sorry~

I have 2 kitties and I am always afraid to leave stuff out b/c they love to run off with it and hide it~
Like my highliters all the time… I go to the bathroom wih a highlighter in my book… i come back tand there is not highlighter but my book has there curious bite marks~ :??

I agree with the other posters~ this would be a very good time to teach the valuable lesson of respecting other people’s property~
If you/they can’t afford another one right now ( I say take a portion of their allowance if th6y get one) then make them pay it off in chores~

Obviously you are a good mom and :heart: love them very much~ this is a good time to teach them a valuable life lesson ( I know some GROWN UPS who still don’t learn this valuable lesson)


Yeah… I have a 2 & 4 year old. They’re of course fascinated with the knitting and I basically have to hide it every single time I put it down. No fun, but better than frogging a ton!

My oldest DD was trying to help Daddy untangle the knotted mess of yarn I made (see: my first experience with hanks of yarn :oops: ) and proceeded to tangle up all of the yarn we’d sorted out the previous night. :wall:

What are we gonna do with all these little helpers??? :?? :eyebrow:

I’m lucky. My son is 14. He and my husband are so afraid of my stuff, they won’t even touch it. If something is in my way, they call me to come move it. They have seen me have a meltdown from ruining something myself, so they know if anyone else does, it’s ballistic time for me. :teehee: