Kidney stones

Hi all! I thought I’d toss this out here since we have such a nice helpful group of people here.

A few months ago I had a kidney stone from H***. Short version of story: Large stone (7 mm), had stent placed, stent was messed up and allowed stone to fall & block opening, kidney backup, rush to hosp. remove stent #1, installed stent #2, following week received lithotripsy to break of stone. End of major issue.

Here’s my question. Has anyone had a kidney stone, passed it/them but still continued to have pains in your back/kidney area months later?

I had a follow up with the urologist and he had a follow up CT scan done to verify there were no stones. There were none but I still feel, well, strange.

Any words of advice would be great!

Thanks in advance!


I don’t know, I’ve had 2 kidney stones before (which is weird for my age, I know…), and after the last one, I had pain in my lower back for a few weeks, but it went away.

Thanks Contiknitter.

I’m just a little concerned because this was at the end of March and it’s now middle of July. I figured things would be ok by now. I figured because my kidney went through so much the first time it would take a bit to “heal” but this is just plain weird.

I’m bracing myself for a possible round 2 so to speak.


I had one round of stents/ litho for a wicked stone about 8 years ago. my lower back hurt for about a month. The doc said it was b/c the thing was so darned big , the tubes were a bit damaged and had to heal. But no problems after a month. Did the doc say you were prone to developing more? could they be little ones bouncing around? are you drinking lots and lots and lots of water? I’d think about another follow up- kidneys are so important!!! hugs for you- that was the second worst pain I’d ever had. Only labor was worse.

Although mine have not required stents, they do seem to take longer to recover from than when I had my first and was younger. The last one I remember feeling like it was unfortable for about a month and that was without everything you have gone through with yours. So perhaps it is still healing but I think I would be having another chat with my doc just so he is in the loop. Hope you feel better soon.:hug:

My dad has problems with kidney stones, and he needed a lithotripsy for one. He was sore for quite a bit afterwards. Not as long as you, but I asked him, and he told me that he thinks a few months is still a reasonable recovery time.