KH's Sponsor's

Is there a list of the KH sponsor’s on here some place. I thought Web’s was. I don’t find it now.

Yep, the tab at the top of the page that says Stash. :wink:

Thank You very much.:??

Are you still confused?

Well, I am… WEBS isn’t listed. But I didn’t think they had an ad here, though everyone talks about them…

They sure used to have an ad here - haven’t seen one lately though. There was this one that had this awful blue-ish tinge and the model looked horrible!

The stash page just shows current sponsors and advertisers. Webs used to advertise here, but they don’t no anymore.

I remember that awful bluish model ad. Ack! They always had some trouble getting us good ads. The poor model looked like she needed the Heimlich stat!! KnitPicks, on the other hand, has always managed to produce very nice ads. I’ll take luscious yarns over smurfs any day! :slight_smile:

Thanks for supporting our sponsors and advertisers everyone! Many of our advertisers track the sales they receive from our site, so each order helps! :cheering:

Yes I understand now. I went to the stash and didn’t find it. I wasn’t sure about my memory :wink: So Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: I also am wondering if we need to go through KH each time we shop for them to get credit?

We don’t actually get a credit from our advertisers/sponsors. However, clicking on their ads and ordering from them tells them that their ads on KH are working and is a powerful incentive for them to keep advertising with us. KnitPicks, I believe is able to tell if an order came from KH if the order is placed after clicking on one of their ads.

Thanks again!