"KHAKI CABLES" is easier than I thought!

Hi y’all!

I need a fresh, cool, pure white cotton cardigan for summer! You know how air-conditioned buildings are! You dress for the ‘outside’ and you freeze your fanny off inside the buildings within the hour! Even our church…it is freezing winter, summer, spring, fall. That’s because the suits are in control of the temp unit!

So, here are some photos of the cardigan. I have knit 3 repeats for the BACK…and I am soooo pleased…I don’t have to use the graph anymore. The patter is an 8 row repeat…the wide cable is executed from every Right Side row, so 4 times within the 8 rows…and the ropey cable is only repeated once within the 8 row repeat. Sooo easy.

I think the pattern is turning out very well, and I am especially pleased that it IS NOT as fat and bulky looking as the photo in the magazine. My yarn is fun to knit with. It reached perfect gauge using size 7 needles. (20st in seed = 4") I will block it to ‘perfect’ and the ‘snug up’ the stitches.

I tried to attract some knitting buddies on our KAL…but everyone is busy with other projects. So, here is my WHATCHA KNITTING! If anyone has second thoughts…and wants to join me…we can do that over at my KHAKI CABLES thread in the KAL section. Let me know! I have loads of ‘tips’ for making cable projects a breeze.

That is going to be so pretty! What weight is the yarn?

That is just beautiful!!!

Where is the pattern again?

I don’t suppose you would recomment it for a “first cable” project would you?

I got the “Cables Untangled” book and have done some straight cables with scrap yarn. They were pretty easy, but I suppose it might not be a bad idea to do a scarf or two before attacking a sweater…

Hi Ginny!

I absolutely would recommend it for a first cabled cardigan! And, I would tell you otherwise if it was a painful project. It is a very well organized, and well written, pattern, too. It is incredibly easy. Not too much to remember for any given row. The stitch markers tell you what to do and when. I color-code the stitch markers. Any ropey cable that is surrounded by blue markers is a “cable back” and the red markers signify “cable front”. I mean, you learn to recognize which way to hold the stitches, to the front or to the back…but…I get going along on my knitting mantra…and can forget to cross the cable the right way…so the colored stitch markers are my “shepherd’s rod”!

BTW: I am making my cardigan longer than the pattern says.

The pattern is in the Winter 2006 KNITTERS magazine, pg 88. [COLOR=blue]CLICK HERE[/COLOR] to view a photo of the sweater! I linked up with the Knitters Magazine [COLOR=blue]HERE[/COLOR]. It is not a free pattern…but many of us have the Knitters available.

Hi Jan! The weight of the yarn I am using is 20st = 4"…so a worsted weight. The pattern calls for 20 st in seed = 4".

So do I just order the magazine and the pattern is in it?

Mmmmm… Now i’m embarrassed to say that i discovered what you need the stitch markers for… because i’m knitting the sweater that’s in my signature and i’m always checking the pattern to see where to do the cable (well, now, after 2 repeats i learned to recognize it)…

And it definitely looks great!!! I think in white it’s very summery. I’m having the same problem here with air conditioners - my office is freezing!

Well HOKEY DOKEY, I ordered the magazine, hope that is where the pattern is:whistle:

Yes Ginny, that Knitters magazine has the pattern in it, and lots more cool patterns! Here is a photo of the magazine, and the KHAKI CABLES pages 88 and 89. Everything is on two pages.

Hi KnittingNat!

Plastic stitch markers can be purcased for a reasonable price…just be sure to get the thinnest ones possible. I don’t like working with the fat, donut-like stitch markers. :pout:

You can use different colors of kids little rubber bands, too. Just be sure they are a little bigger than your needle size, of course.

Or, make your own stitch markers out of different colors of yarn! Just tie the yarn around a needle that is several sizes bigger than you are working with…tie a good tight knot…clip the ends…if possible, put a drop of FRAY CHECK on the knot to keep it from coming un-done…and these yarn stitch markers will easily slip from needle to needle. You can re-use them, too! And, they don’t “flick off” your needles and fly across the room like plastics do!

That is why I like the silver stitch markers with the little jewels hanging from them…the jewels “weight” the silver rings…and keep them from flicking across the room! :happydance: I made the ones seen in the photo. I just loves 'em! Got all the silver findings and the jewels at a bead shop.

Hi ArtLady1981!
That’s a great idea… I should check my nearest bead store… Actually, i checked out Zero markers and they look gorgeous ( i love pearls), but still - they’re for knitting, not wearing! And i don’t know if they would ship to this far away place i live in…

PS to KnittingNat! Even though you have learned to recognize where your cables are…I highly recommend the use of the stitch markers. I use stitch markers religiously. It is better to be SURE…than to discover an error several rows later…and then it is off the the FROG POND. :frog:

And i count religiously :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:… No seriously, i do count and check every few stitches what i’ve done. That’s why i’m so slow on this sweater (i’m only at the armhole shaping on the back)…And because my kitten won’t let knit…That too…:teehee:

The rubber bands are a great idea. I want to make some beaded ones, too. Have to go to the bead store soon! I wonder…can you by the toggles separately there… :think: Anyhoo…love the sweater. I may have to order that magazine, too.

I agree with you KnittingNat! I count stitches as well. It may seem slow…but…frogging or tinking back to correct errors REALLY SLOWS UP THE PROGRESS!

Your cabled sweater will turn out beautifully! Stitch markers make it easier and quicker. You will recognize a missing stitch easier. And it makes the “head count” much easier, too. You can “eyeball” the number of stitches inbetween the stitch markers.

I think anyone will ship to any location, except the Moon! :wink: I get yarn from the UK, United Kingdom, all the time. I have a favorite Rowan yarn lady who lives there. She ships a lot of her yarn for free! She is an Ebay yarn shop!

You local bead shop will help you with the makings of stitch markers. You need:

  1. the head pins
  2. the O rings
  3. the beads
  4. two tools that wrap and nip

If you would like me to take a closeup photo of one of my stitch markers, let me know. I will post it for ya.

I went crazy and made myself about 10 sets of 10. Half of them are on the smallest O rings…for needles sizes up to US5…the other half are a larger size O ring for sizes up to US10.

The silver O rings come in two sizes over here in USA. I wish they came in a super size for needles beyone US10. So, for the larger needles I use plastic stitch markers.

Thanks ArtLady1981! I’ll check it out! By the way, who is this Rowan lady, what is she called on eBay? I love Rowan…I had so far Biggy Print, Plaid and Big Wool and i loved them! But for me the cost is enormous - one sweater is about a 2-week’s groceries…

Hi Jan! I bought everything at the bead store:

  1. the silver head pins
  2. the silver O rings
  3. the beads
  4. the two little tools…one for wrapping and one for nipping

As you know…the varitey of beads is just BEYOND belief!
I chose silver findings because they seem to retain their beauty, and they are more malleable. They wrap easier and are more compliant. However, silver findings are more $$$.

For someone on a budget…here is my suggestion: spend more for the silver findings…and get beads that are less money. I have stitch markes in both categories. I love them all! The Swarovski crystals are my favorites…however…I have jades, stones/rocks, ceramics, large seeds, glass ladybugs, etc. Like I said, I went kinda nuts. I have to stay out of Bead Shops this year.

Ohhh so you aren’t using toggles? I like them because they have the loop on the bottom. What is an O ring? Yes could you post a closeup? Thank you. I used to make Austrian Crystal jewelry so I’m familiar somewhat with stuff…

[SIZE=1]Sorry for the threadnap… :shifty:[/SIZE]

Hi Knittingnat!

[COLOR=blue]HERE[/COLOR] is her direct Ebay link. She is called the CucumberPatch! She has several types of yarn…and she really has great prices on Rowan…and check out her SALE YARNS! Some yarn ships for FREE! That in itself is a great SAVINGS! I love her and her hubby. They are wonderful to their customers!

Oh, i know them. i never bought from them, but i saw the sales… It’s hard for me to believe that someone will ship for free (i met sellers who make their profit on “handling” charges), but if you say - i believe you and try them next time! Thanks… I bought my Rowan from Artofyarn on eBay and she was great! And from WEBS…