KH RingSurf

I was looking into the RingSurf that was set up for all the Knitting Help Bloggers… I started going from one to the next one and all of the sudden I find this adult advertisement… many windows opened up in my computer and it made it go crazy.

Now I have to run an antivirus… to make sure it wasnt infected… Has this happen to anyone else?

I thought all the people in the RingSurf went through and approval process to make sure something line this wouldnt happen. :frowning:

Someone just brought this to my attention yesterday and I’ve been going through the sites and removing those who haven’t updated in awhile or otherwise do not belong.

Because there are so many sites in the ring, and just me to do the clean up, it would be really helpful if you can PM the site from which you jumped to any inappropriate site. That way I can quickly target and remove it.

Members DO have to be approved. There are several reasons why something can slip through however.

Thanks for your patience!

Just wanted to post an update…

I believe I found and removed all the sites of questionable content from the ring. It was hiding behind a legitimate user’s membership.

So just let me clarify…members DO have to be approved. I get all sorts of spam applicants to the ring, which I immediately delete. They NEVER get through this way.

What happens, especially in this case, is that someone with a blog might let their domain name lapse (they decide to give up blogging, or something). That then provides an avenue for adult sites to expand their reach, so to speak.

I apologize for not catching this sooner. I have not been very good about checking the ring. So my promise to you all is that I will check the ring more often. I would love any help with this, especially since I’ll be moving again in the near future and dealing with job changes. If you’re interested in helping monitor the ring, let me know.

In the meantime, anytime you see something questionable in the ring, PM me ASAP so I can take care of it. Please make a note of the last blog you viewed prior to getting the questionable material if at all possible. It really helps in situations like these. It saves me from having to manually go through each blog in the ring.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Vendie - Thanks! I think it’s cool that you do the blogring! I for one love it, I really like seeing what people are working on!

I’d be willing to help, but as I only started my own blog last month, and don’t really know much about it, I’m not sure how I can help. PM me with anything I can do.

I’m not a complete computer idjiot, but then again I’m no savant either. Just let me know.

You’re the best, Vendie! :hug:

I’ve lapsed in my blogging :pout: