KH New Year's Eve Party 2010 - Prizes, Quizzes, Fun!

how fun!!! We are going to a friend’s house… but the kids range in age from my 2yo to a friend’s 9yo (and about any age inbetween) , so who knows how long we will last there before it gets ugly! 9 overtired children could be bad you know! :roflhard: I’m in the CST, so hopefully I’ll be able to pop in before the party ends! :slight_smile:
I am crocheting a couple of the Lion Brand cotton bunny blankets for a few babies due soon so I’m not getting into any knitting until those are done. I should be able to finish one tonight if I make it home in time to catch the party here. :slight_smile: :yay:

I will be working on the Tree of Life Afghan, which I’m making for a couple that is getting married tomorrow. It won’t be ready in time for the wedding, but I’m getting close…maybe by the time they get home from their honeymoon.

Boy…I leave and go to work for a few hours and look how many people show up to party! :cheering: Talk to you soon…I’m still looking to see if anybody put a 2010 “rag” together. I didn’t have time to try to add all the numbers together for a “pattern”…gotta put the bubbly on ice…“see” everybody soon!:woohoo:

Glad you found us…this will be a great place for a new knitter to be tonight. If you run into any “snags” ask away…you’ve got some great help that I see will be showing up off and on all night. Don’t be shy! I know from experience that they LOVE to help:knitting: :teehee:

Oh my that is a pretty pattern. What color is yours?

Similar to the pattern shown. I’m using Fisherman’s Wool (not very practical for a newlywed, I know). It’s a cream color, which I felt would show up the cable work better.

I’m on the last tree section, and then I have to make the border.

I’ll be here too I remember we had a great time last year. I got a new computer for christmas with windows7 hope it doesn’t crash on me

Staying in cuz I’m sick so this is something to look forward to! Yippee! Knitting in the new year!

I’ll be here too. Just saying home with the cat. Had a long day at work and really looking forward to some TV, knitting and some fun time on here with all of you!:happydance: I’ll most likely work on a cowl I’ve been making but I might just cast on something new for fun…

I’m doing the scarf pattern from my LionBrand Learn to Knit Kit (Christmas present from DH :heart: ). I finished the hat last night. I was so pleased with it.

I’m almost done with the first leg, with the garter stitch. Then it goes into the stockinette stitch. I’ve practiced purl but putting it into play on a real pattern has me a bit nervous.

I did a dish cloth the other night, in garter stitch. Perhaps I should do another one but use stockinette to get some practice in. Ohhh, the options.

It is also a Blue moon tonight!!

A Blue Moon occurs when we have two Full Moons in the same month. It is the second of these two Full Moons. On December 31st, we will experience such an event. This New Year’s Eve is indeed a “Once in a Blue Moon” opportunity to focus on our resolutions, not just for the year 2010 but also for the rest of our lives. According to ancient astrologers, all rituals will be more powerful than usual. This is the ideal time to write down all of your hopes, dreams and wishes.

This Full Moon is also significant because it is a Partial Lunar Eclipse. This Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on December 31, 2009 at 10 degrees in the sign of Cancer at 11:13 am Pacific / 12:13 PM Mountain / 1:13 pm Central / 2:13 pm Eastern Time. It is the first of two eclipses. There will be a Solar Eclipse in two weeks, on Januray 14th, 2010. This two-week period, between the two eclipses, is a very powerful time of manifestation. Be sure to consciously focus your mind, imagination and emotions on what you do want to experience. Remember not to give your energy to that which you wish to be free of. This Full Moon Eclipse is an ideal time to focus on forgiveness and come to terms with past hurts. Take responsibility for any unresolved, repressed, fear-based emotions as they are exposed to you. If you are experiencing negative emotions during this day or about four days before and after this date, be sure to feel, express and release them to Spirit. The tendency of most people is to look outside of themselves and blame others for their pain. Only when we take responsibility for our own creations can we heal ourselves and evolve spiritually.

I think I will be here also. My son is bringing in the new year with his girlfriend. Its my job to take her home at 12:30-1:00. I remember the party last year and it was a blast.

Too funny and what are the odds - I have the yarn, needles and pattern right in front of me to make a pair of those slippers! Our knit guild asked us to bring slippers to our next meeting to donate to a nursing home and I think this pattern is cute. :happydance:

Happy New Year, 2010 is going to be a GREAT year!

I’m here working my my sweater with all of you fellow knitters. Please put my name in for the drawings, Sandy. Looks like some really nice things that you are giving away.

If anyone wants to check out what I did today just go to my blog thread and see the yarn that my DD’s kool aid dyed. It was a blast and the yarn turned out so pretty :inlove:

I’m here…about another inch of ribbing to go on the first slipper. They’re great slippers…so say my sisters, nieces and Mom :roflhard:

Sandi always has such great ideas…and yummy yarn:teehee:

I’m watching Major Payne with my knitting…that movie cracks me up!

Almost ready for that first glass of bubbly…:clink:

I managed to make about 7 inches on my Palindrome scarf, then frogged it to make it about an inch wider. Does anyone have tips on how to keep track of how many rows are between the cables? It’s driving me crazy losing my place. At this rate, this could be an incredibly l-o-n-g scarf!

There is a live streaming video on Earthcam of Times Square looks like they’re having a great time there:woot::woot:

You’ve just interpreted the odd dreams i’ve been having :slight_smile:

Happy new year everyone! My minions are watching america’s funniest home videos and i’m working on the infernal socks (not just because they’re red, well, bronzed berry bliss technically LOL! but because i’ve never had this much issue with a basic pair of socks! between yarn splits and dropped stitches…) and thinking of loading twilight :slight_smile:

Not an auspicious beginning, I’m afraid… :whistle:

Hello everyone! :waving:
Our New Year Celebration is about to begin! :cheering:

Welcome to the party, UruzPhoenix! Good luck with your socks (and minions) :teehee:

Cool! Cotton Bunny Blankets! :heart:
I’m not able to crochet much, because of my arthritis, but I do a few stitches now and then for borders and such. An entire blanket would take me FOREVER! :thud:

:shock: That pattern is A M A Z I N G!! You GO Nathalie! :thumbsup:

No KH 2010 dishcloth this year, Pam. But, we’ll still have a good time! :slight_smile:

I’m sending good computer vibes your way, my friend! :hug:

Awww! Poor you! :pout: I hope you get better. :heart:

Welcome! Thanks for joining us! cloud9

You can do it! :wink: Just keep practicing and practicing. It will make more sense as you go, and your knitting will be better and better. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the story about the moon! Very cool. :cool:


Funny, how great minds think alike. :teehee:

Welcome to the party, Brenda! :muah: