KH Monthly KAL / CAL - TOYS!

Just wanted to invite you all to participate in our August Monthly KAL (knit-along) / CAL (crochet-along)
We’re making toys this month, and we would love to see some of your crocheted creations!

Do you make anything but toys? I have no small children to make for and my friends kids are all grown up. No grand kids among us yet!

Every month is something different and we decided on toys this month. There are other KALs here in this forum though, maybe one of them would be up your alley?

I’m more of a knitter than a crocheter, but I’ll be happy to start up a CAL for the rest of you crocheters. Just let me know what you would all like to work on together, and we’ll get it started!

Can you knit Doilies?

[B]Other ideas: [/B]
[li]Bottle sleeve/cozy?
[/li][li]Needle/Hook rolls? (They are a [U]wrap with narrow pockets for needles or hooks[/U] - link is to Google search results for “crochet hook roll”)
[/li][li]Dish clothes?
[/li][li]Tea towel toppers (a knit or crochet [U]top to a tea towel[/U] with strap and button for hanging the towel in the kitchen.)
[/li][li]Beach/Market mesh bags?

My DW has requested a poncho or jacket for this winter. :-/

Thanks for the ideas, Jack! :cheering:

I’ll start up a CAL right here in the Crochet section. :hug:

I think we should start with something quick and easy, so I’ll pick one of your ideas, and get it started. I’ll post a link here when it’s ready to roll!

Here’s our first CAL - Dishcloths!