KH Monthly Challenge: November

In celebration of KH’s FIRST anniversary coming up on Nov. 4th, the challenge for November is…

[size=6]Knit a First[/size]

This challenge is a little different. Usually I try to do something that can be incorporated into whatever you are currently knitting. This time, though, I want you to knit “something” that you haven’t knit before, or try a technique you’ve been thinking about. Are you a newbie and looking for something more stimulating than a scarf or dishcloth, but less daunting than a cable sweater? This is the time to knit your first hat!
Have you been knitting mittens for your entire family? Time to knit your first glove!
Are you an ADHD knitter? Time to complete your first FO!!! (whatever it is!)
Maybe you want to try knitting with 5 [color=red]c[/color][color=orange]o[/color][color=green]l[/color][color=darkblue]o[/color][color=brown]r[/color][color=violet]s[/color] for the first time, or try designing your FIRST pattern… If you like to knit socks, try the 2 socks on 2 needles method for the first time.

Maybe it’s time to branch out and knit something for YOU instead of the eleventy-plex people comissioning projects from you!

Don’t worry! the resident yarn ho’s will be here to coach you through your first time… it will only hurt for a second, promise!!!

It an be small… a pin, a flower, a bobble… Or big… a sweater, a coat, a rug or a car cover… just as long as it’s a first! Good luck!!!

Oh boy… :shock: I’m game though! I’ll go get some yarn tomorrow! :cheering: Oh wait…gotta get a project first…hmmm… :thinking:

I’m in! This will definately be a first for me: knitting a sock. I hope I can do it! :shock:

Me too – I’m expecting sock yarn in my Knitpicks order that’s on its way…yikes! :oo:

You can do it!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ideas you come up with for these monthly KALs, Hild…

:figureditout: I KNOW!! I think Ill try those Fiber Trends Clogs that everyone has been talking about!!! :mrgreen:

Actually, this is PERFECT…Im gonna use tiny DPNs for the first time! Im makin’ TWO baby bootie, mitten & hat sets!

I am in! I think that I will try cables :smiley: Go me Go m. hehehe

You sock first timers are going to love it!

Hope this isn’t considered cheating, because I have completed sock PAIRS in the past, but I’m just starting on a pair of socks and for the first time, I’m doing them in tandem. Not 2 socks on 2 circs or anything like that, I’m just going to do the cuff of one, then the cuff of the other, then the leg of one and the leg of the other, etc.

That way I will end up with TWO socks at the same time, and no more sock orphans. :wink:

I’m eyeballing a slipper pattern in the free pattern section. I’ve only done dishclothes, a scarf, and 1 block done of an afghan.
If I can get the yarn and gage right, then well try those slippers! :happydance:

Does look pretty easy and do you think it would be cute in self striping yarn? Or is there a better one?

I’m working on a hat for myself. It’s not strictly speaking my first hat because I learned how to crochet making hats, but it’ll be the first hat that I’ve actually made for myself. Which is funny, because the whole reason I learned to crochet over a year ago was because I wanted to make myself a hat.

I started it a little over a week ago so it’s not entirely a November thing, but I haven’t been able to work on it since Wednesday because my hands have been hurting incredibly. Hopefully that will clear up soon and I can finally make my first hat for myself!

can we do more than one? i’m gonna do a hat then i want to try cables!

Oooh, i can actually join in on this one!!

I’m S L O W L Y knitting the DNA scarf and have only completed one repeat (35 rows) of the pattern. (too much grading at night… hrmph!)

It’s a lot of firsts for me wrapped in one! :happydance:

  • i’ve never knit with fancy posh yarn and i’m using silk/alpaca

  • i’ve never had to read a pattern that’s a coded picture and not written out, line by line.

  • i’ve never had to use a lifeline before

and the biggie:

  • i’ve never knit cables before - EVER! :shock:

So i’m learning a lot from this project - i just wish it was going a little faster!! :slight_smile:

Hopefully i’ll be done by the end of November. I had better be - Xmas is just around the corner!!! ARGH! :shock:

Thanks Hilde - EXCELLENT idea!! :slight_smile:


Cool Idea! I was thinking about making a sweater for my dog. Not is it only the first time I will have made her anything, but it will be the first time I will be doing a more complicated pattern than Stockinette, garter, or 2x2 ribbing. This one is a basketweave pattern for a doggie cardigan made in one piece. And first time using stitch markers. I hope I don’t get confused. :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks Hilde

Hey, I can join this one! I’m currently knitting a (warning, technical terminology) 3-color-striped-jumper/onesy-type-thingy for a baby. And I’ve never done a stripe before! You know… the kind that doesn’t come from self striping yarn. Hey, nor have I ever knit a jumper/onesy-type-thingy! :thumbsup:

Hmmmm…I haven’t participated in a monthly KAL before- I think I can manage this one!! That is, in amongst the Christmas stuff I’m frantically trying to finish. I’m not too sure what I’m going to try to make. Maybe socks? I was going to wait until after Christmas to try them, but maybe I’ll give it a go now. We’ll see!! :smiley:

Sil…its so hard for me to imagine that there is ANY knitting skill you haven’t tried! :shock: You are SUCH an amazing knitter!

Great idea…
I’ll do SOCKS too!

:heart: Thanks Hilde :heart:

hmm… I’m already doing something I’ve never done before…does that count?

Awww thank you Kelly! :heart:
But don’t forget, I’ve only been knitting for a few years. I haven’t had time to do everything yet. But, I will say there’s nothing I won’t at least TRY! :slight_smile: