KH Monthly Challenge--November

KH’s second anniversary is November 4th! In honor of this occasion, your mission is to

KNIT TWO[/size]


Knit two of anything… perfect weather for two socks, gloves, clogs or mittens!

try a DOUBLE KNIT hat!

Add two colored stripes to your current project!

Knit a felted bag with TWO straps!

A scarf that uses TWO skeins of mmmmmmmmmalibrigo![size=2](it will be about 9 feet long… ask how I know…) [/size]

A willie warmer with two “pom poms” :teehee:

Add two pockets to your fall jacket!

Knit a swatch in two colors!

It’s, two, two knits in one!!!

Have another idea? (or two??) Post them here… be creative! The original goal of these monthly challenges was to incorporate the challenge into your current project, so don’t feel like you have to start something new–find a creative way to add TWO to whatever you’re working on now.

Happy knitting! xxx

Does it count that my sweater is going to have two sleeves?? :teehee:

I think this one will be pretty easy. Does knitting with two needles count? :teehee:

My one year KH anniversary is on November 1st. I think I did about four things for my first ever KAL, which was last November’s challenge.

Woo hoo! Yeah for 2 years of KH! :cheering:

I’ll be working on mittens for my kids.

I already have these felted mittens on the needles for my son.

I also want to try the felted mittens in this book.

And depending how everything is turning out I may also try “regular” mittens using this pattern or this pattern.

Hehe you gals and your willie warmers, I suppose I could knit one, but mind you I would NOT model it for you…after all don’t want to scare you away. Though I will probably get in on this challenge as well.

how do you know :??

LMAO… this is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!

Great minds… :wink:

I really have to finish this Tshirt… it’s made with TWO ply… does that count???

Oh, hey, my two skein mmmmmMalabrigo scarf is nine feet long, too!

LOL, I have 2 hanks of Mmmmm to knit my “A Touch of Whimsy” scarf and, I just finished the fingerless mitts to go with…but, I finished last night!!!
I’m gonna be knitting a shawl, so no double for me…unless I finish, then I have sock designs to do…I should finish a shawl in less than a month, so, socks it will be :cheering:
Happy Anniversary KH :cheering:

Great! I can actually participate in this one! I started a pair of socks on 11/1/06! I’m psyched!

Does knitting after TWO cocktails count? I can do that one!

How convenient! I decided I would learn how to make mittens and got halfway through one last night.

Hooray - a KAL I can actually join! :cheering:

I’m in the midst of Christmas knitting, and I had already planned to tackle a pair of socks for my dad. Got the yarn for that yesterday.

I also bought TWO skeins of Noro Silk Garden that I want to use to make a purse for a friend, but I haven’t quite decided on which one yet. If I have some yarn left over I would like to make some sort of accessory (like a necklace) with it to match. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the following patterns:
(I would make it a little longer since the pattern only calls for one skein)
(I would need to make it a little smaller than the one they have)
(I have some leftover merino wool in a coordinating color I could use for the base)

I really think I’m leaning towards the recycled silk bag, though, but I’m welcome to any opinions. Ah, decisions, decisions! :teehee:

:cheering: Yay I’m glad everyone is so excited!!!

If the only way you can say you participated is to have two sleeves or use two needles, go for it!!! :teehee:

No two cocktails, huh? :teehee:

oh, yeah… drink up! :clink:

How about if it takes me TWO tried to get started? :roll:

hey, would two scarves count??? I’ve got to get two Branching Outs done for Christmas and a third, so I could call 2 of them part of this since I’ve already started one. Maybe??? Either that or I’ll have tooooo Oh!!!

I’ve promised to make a set of Hunter green can cozies. I’ve got it!!! The cozies will be my Nov. project!!!

I’m working on two sweaters… one for a two year old and one for me-- entirely different patterns, but it’s two!!