KH Monthly Challenge--March!

It’s a little early, but I’ll be on a plane tomorrow, so I had to post tonight!

In honor of March, the third month, and the month of St. Patrick’s Day, your challenge is…

[size=6]Knit THREE[/size]

I finally settled on THREE, because of the 3-leaf clover which is known as a symbol of Ireland (to me, anyway) and St. Patrick’s Day. March being the third month just added to the drama :slight_smile:

March third is an interesting day in itself: it is National Anthem Day, AND Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday.

Some things to knit for THREE:
Something with 3 stripes (clogs, hat, wristwarmers)
A shamrock (intarsia on a hat, scarf, cuff… maybe a shamrock pin)
Something with 3 colors (booga bag, sweater)
A pair of socks and a half a pair (maybe that abandoned pair could be finished, hmmm?)
Three Chemo Kid Hats (dotmom will love you!)
Applique a shamrock on a sweater sleeve
Go extra-Irish and knit something with three CABLES
Three scarves-- knit three bobbie scarves for Woman’s History Month!

Here is a link to knitting pattern central shamrock patterns

Extra points for throwing some green in there!

Happy knitting!!!

Oooh, this will be fun–nice pick, Hildie!! :thumbsup:

Happy and safe travels! :heart: :heart:

Woo! I got some fab green yarn for Valentine’s day! :happydance:

Hmm! I got some green yarn, too. However, I’m just hoping to finish three projects this month–the three I have on the needles at the moment:

  1. My hooded baby blanket
  2. My first sock (I will start the second)
  3. My first teenie-preemie hat for the CKAL.

Oooo! I got something started that will work! I think. :roflhard: I’ve been wanting to try colorwork so maybe now is the time! :cheering:

Oh my! I think I can kill two projects with one…err…challenge.
I missed out on joining the [color=purple]Tubey[/color] KAL when it started but it so happens that I planned to do it stripped with 3 colors, one of which is [color=green]GREEN!![/color].

sigh Dare I CO another project???!!

I DARE :smiley: Happy to KAL, can’t wait to see WIPs and FO’s

It’s never too late to join a KAL, so start the Tubey-liciousness! :thumbsup: Heck, so many of the first participants are still working on it that you might actually get it done before we do! :rofling:

three hats for Dotmom… I have leftover green yarns that I could use(I see an olive green and lime green hat in my future! :rofling:

how’s it going, everyone???

My Tubey is three colors, so I suppose that will count if I ever finish it.
This might be cheating, but my Nietzsche doll was kind of three! It was my first ever own pattern, my first time making a doll, and my first time stuffing something. :roflhard: That’s three firsts, right? Kinda?

I got 2 things knitted in green so far. I’ll get the other done soon.

:shock: Wow! I actually participated in a KAL but… it was by accident.

This started out as a stash buster/bag for my DD and it turns out to fit the criteria!

#1 - It has 3 colors
#2 - One of those colors is green!
#3 - It’s a 3 part process - knit it, felt it, put it together!

Here’s a photo of the bag before felting. I will spare you the photo of the I-cord which is not very special. The bag is currently drying so… I’ll let you know when it’s done.

This was my first KAL (in a timely manner) :oops: even if it was by accident.

:cheering: yay!

Uh, it took me THREEx5 days to find this thread. Does that count? :oops:

[size=2](Thanks for the Chemo Kid KAL plug, btw. :wink: )[/size]

Hey, DotMom, I participated by accident so… I think you still count!

OK, the bag is finished - except for something in the bottom to keep it flat. Here’s a photo of the finished product hanging off the sideview mirror on my bike! :oops: The orange in the bag matches my turn signal. The green is not a “shamrock” green (more toxic waste green) but it is green!


Cuuuuuttteeee!!! I love the colors … they make me think of summer!

I’m new, but count me in!

Well, I managed to squeeze this in among many other projects. I think this fits the KAL requirements. This was fun!

WOW Nina!!! Great job!!! :cheering:

Thanks Hilde! I don’t think that many people were excited about March… :frowning: Maybe April will get them fired up!!