KH Monthly Challenge: February

Ahhh February… wintery, snowy, windy, gray… thank goodness it only has 28 days!!! In spite of the bleakness of February, we can find a little splash of color if we look hard enough…
February’s birth stone is the Amethyst, and the February flower is the violet. February is, mostly importantly, the birth month of our beloved Andrea, who LOOOOOOOOVES* the color purple. So, your challenge for February, is to knit something PURPLE.

Red is so overdone in February, don’t you think? :angelgrin:

This would be a great project for those of you wanting to learn fair isle! Amy’s video is here.

Purple is one of the spring “it” colors, again, so maybe it’s time to start on a cute twin set, or light sweater.

Your project can be all purple, have a little bit of purple, use varying shades and tints of purple…be creative!!! This is completely open-ended… just bring out that purple yarn and make it into whatever you want!

Happy xxx ,

Count me in! :teehee:

Oooh! I am so doing this!

I ahve to knit for my sisters boyfriends dad and his GF who are having a baby in… uh… July. Or it might have been June. I need to knit anywho and purple would be a lovely colour for a boy OR girl :slight_smile:

count me in, i have lots of purple and partially purple sock yarn!

I’d love to join! I have some purple sock yarn in my stash, AND it will count as a stash buster project :heart:

I’m in. Will be my first challenge. My birthday is Feb 8. Making a b-day present for me. :woot:

OMG --I had purple in my hands today!

Didn’t get it though. Now me thinks I might have a plan :??

Ooooh…I’ve got purple in my stash… :happydance: :cheering:

I can’t believe you picked that Hildie, I just finished this for my SIL’s new addition… so i finished it technically in January, does it count?

Oh, yay! :yay: I never get to do these, but the clogs I’m knitting are mostly purple!!! :cheering: Now I have a reason to focus on getting the 2nd one done!!

This is my first KAL! :woot:
I’m definitely in!

This will tie in well with my next project! :cheering:

[color=indigo]Can I count the purple sweater I posted in Whatcha Knitting a coupla days ago? Dat’s da onlyiest poipul what I got.


Yay this is my first challenge. I’m so excited! :happydance:

yay! i’m in! i’m making deliciously aubergine afghan blocks! :slight_smile:

I never saw a[color=violet] purple[/color] cow,
I never hope to see one;
But I can tell you anyhow,
I’d rather see than be one.

We are leaving tomorrow morning for Florida. My yarn is already packed, but I’ll try to toss in a skein or two of purple. I’m sure I can think of something to knit!

okay KAL participants! Here is your Feb KAL badge!!!

Just copy and paste into your sig and remove the *'s and you are good to go!!!

I’ll try to join - but I am committed to another (Wicked) project as well. I had started a purple MMMMMMmmmmm shrug, but it has been sitting sadly all alone with no attention lately…Maybe I should let it feel the love!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

:cheering: I just bought yarn this morning for a lavender sweater for DD. She looks great in purple :slight_smile:

I’m in…I’m going to finish my purple scarf that I’ve had OTN for ages… :teehee: