KH Monthly Challenge: August

I’ve got the NEXT 3 months all ready, but since August doens’t have any holidays, I was stumped!!! KK and I were throwing around a few different ideas… most of them (on my end) had to do with ice cream :slight_smile: BUT, here’s what we came up with:

August 20th is National Homeless Animals Day. The KH challenge for this month will be to knit something that can be donated to your local animal shelter. (Optional: knit two things, donate one, and use the other for the animal you adopt when you drop off your donated item :slight_smile: ) The International Society for Animal Rights has some more info on the observance here.

Click here to go to Petfinder: put in your zipcode to find a shelter in your area to whom you can donate. Your local shelter might be sponsoring an event–call them to find out!

Some pattern links:
Amy’s pet patterns link page

Kat-nip toys and Dog sweater from Knitty. these are also linked from amy’s page

Sweaters, toys, beds and blankets from Knitting Pattern Central-- these are outside links, and some are in PDF format.

Bella Online has a lot of links fot dog and cat sweaters, including some for sweater “generators” where you plug in measurements and get a custom sweater. I would like to STRONGLY suggest the links for sweaters for greyhounds and other large dogs… they need sweaters too, just like small dogs who have thin hair and skin.

Other links, found by the glorious KK:
Pet Afghan from Lion Brand

Catnip toy fromLion Brand

Several patterns from… I especially like the felted Kitty basket.

Don’t forget the doggie sweater and kitty bed patterns in Stitch and Bitch. Also, any pattern for baby blankets can be converted to pet blankets!

I usually try to make the challenge something that can be worked into whatever project you are already working on, so there is no need to start something new, and everyone can participate. BUT this is such an important cause, that I think it deserves it’s own project :slight_smile: If you are one of those people who saves swatches (like me) you can sew those together to make a pet pillow, kitty catnip toy, a patchwork sweater (if you’re creative) or blanket. Everyone can participate in this challenge: pets are easy to knit for!!!

When you participate, please post a link to the pattern, or mention the book it’s from, so others can gets some ideas. If you happen to be browsing around and find more links, post those too!

Can’t wait to see what everyone does!!! Happy Knitting!

:cheering: That is a GREAT idea! We are in process of adopting from a rescue group (don’t forget them as well! most work totally on volunteer and donations only) and the need for simple things is enormous!

YAYYYYYYYYY! Im ALL excited! :cheering:

Other ideas (if you just CANT find time to add an item to your “to-knit” list…

Animal shelters LOVE donations of old towels and old blankets to provide comfiness in their guests’ cages. Also, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, bleach, dishwashing liquid, . Next time you are at Sam’s Club or CostCo, pick up an extra GIANT SIZE cleaning product for your local shelter! Check their website for special “wish list” items!

Im fairly sure Im gonna make a felted kitty bed…

OOH, What a great idea! :thumbsup: I was just thinking about this the other day, trying to figure out how to make a kitty (or doggy) bed that I could somehow fill w/cedar to keep the buggies away … I think I’ll make a practice one to donate! I have never bought an animal, they’ve all been adopted dogs (and 1 cat) that would have otherwise gone to shelters… I think this is a great project and a great cause… Plus, it’ll give the animals something reassuring to take with them to their new homes! :cheering:

I bought yarn today for my Kitty Bed!!!

Got some Araucania Nature Wool Chunky )color CA03 on TOTAL sale at Kool Knits in Naperville…Noro would have been 34 + tax…this was under 20! :cheering:

There are some really COOL color variations in this yarn. I LIKEY!

i made the catnip wonton for kitties, started it last night, stuffed and closed it tonight. my little monkey Frida has been busy “testing” it ever since. she wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but got really mad at my husband for taking it away from her.

here are some pictures…

…don’t forget your local PetSmart as a place to drop off goodies - it’s a good way to connect with local rescue groups. In fact that’s where we got monkey and Katie-bear, our pup-pup (our other pup-pup came from a traditional shelter).

YAYY! The shelter kitties will love those too! Do they have catnip in them?

I just emailed my local HS to see if they accept handmade items. I am excited to hear back…I wanted to be sure they can before starting any. Don’t know if I’ll get much done by the end of the month, but hey… it’s something i’ve wanted to do for months. Now this month’s KAL has lit a fire under me! :happydance:

yep, i have lots of the nip for my kitty (she’s hooked, as evident from the numerous teeth marks on the bag). I also stuffed it with a couple of cotton balls to add volume.

DH had put the wonton in her room (yes, my cat has her own room) last night, and this morning I found it in the living room, so i think it’s an official success…

WONDERFUL fibergirl!!! Fabulous! Brilliant!

I’m glad they are “kitty approved” :slight_smile:

So far, I have made the bottom of a kitty bed, with woolease and this patons blue/purple/green feathery stuff. It is hexagonal shaped. I’m going to look through the stash and find other stuff I don’t need for the sides. If I feel abmitious, i might try the kitty mouse toys in S&BNation.

What pattern are you using, Hild?? Are ya just winging it?

yep, just trying to use up stuff i don’t need.

OK I went to your links but I couldn’t find this yarn on sale, for sale or any kind o sale. Where’d you get it?

Woo Hoo! :happydance:
The HS emailed me back and said they would appreciate help making blankets for the pets to take home with them. The gal even said they have a bunch of yarn I can use. I am pumped to go get it and see what I can do for them :cheering:

The LYS in Naperville has this AMAZING sale ROOM. I dont think they post their sale stuff online.

:cheering: Great idea Hildie! :heart: [size=6][color=red] Love it!!![/color][/size]

I’ve been wanting to make the Kitty Pi cat bed for ages! Kelly, that’s the one I’ll be making too, it’s the same one I link to on my pet patterns page, it looks like a very fun project!

I’ve been back into spinning lately, and I’ve got a bunch of raw white wool that I’ve just spun. It will be perfect for a felted cat bed!

The wonton catnip toys look fun too! Thanks for kitty-testing them FiberGirl! :wink:
Awesome BinkyKat! Glad you’ve got the go ahead, and free yarn to boot.

WOW, Amy…your wheel looks ANCIENT. HOW COOL!

Thanks Kelly! It’s from the 1800’s. I had to make several important parts for it to get it running again, but I love it! :sunny:

heh, I would bet that antique is worth a chunk of change, considering that it still is in use.

Hildie, how’s your hexagon???