KH Monthly Challenge.... AUGUST



:stuck_out_tongue: You can’t lock ME out!

Me either!..


All righty, ladies and gents, this month’s challenge is a little bit different, starting with a new KAL leader for this month–ME!!

I challenge you to challenge yourselves by knitting the opposite way. What does this mean? Well…

Do you knit Conti (hold the working yarn in your left hand)? Then hold your yarn in your right hand, please–go English!

Do you knit English (hold the working yarn in your left hand)? Now’s the time to try holding that working yarn in your left hand–go Conti!

The object of this KAL isn’t to get you to change your knitting method. Rather, it’s to get you to try a new knitting method. Studies have shown that doing repetitive tasks with the opposite hand gives the brain a mini workout and stimulates creativity, and we knitters loooooove creativity! So let’s get those brains working!

“Um, what are we supposed to knit?” you ask. A simple swatch will do; just make it large enough to make the project worthwhile. A 4x4 inch swatch in stockinette will work, though a 6x6 inch swatch will work better–more stitches! :happydance: (If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can knit a fair-isle swatch, quite a workout indeed!)

Things to bear in mind: Your knitting may feel awkward at first, your stitches may look really wonky, and you may find yourself tempted to give up. Please don’t! This KAL isn’t about perfection–this is about challenging yourself by trying something new. Even if you have tried the opposite method before and failed, try giving it another go. Who knows, this time it just might ‘click’ for you!

If you’re unsure how to hold your yarn for the opposite-way KAL, use Amy’s videos. Here’s the knit stitch, and Here’s the purl stitch. Watch them over and over if need be; KAL with her, too, if that helps you!

Please share your FOs when you’re done! :cheering:

I’ve been wanting to become more ambidextrous (sp?) with my knitting. I think it’ll help me with Fair Isle, which is what my current WIP contains, so I’m off to watch the videos to learn how to hold the yarn in my left hand!!! :slight_smile:

Woo hoo!!! :thumbsup:

[size=6]We can all be [color=red]SWINGERS[/color][/size]:happydance:
Ang, you are so inspiring and motivating and ENCOURAGING, and … uhhhh… FREEING! :oo:

I knit Conti, so I’ll be trying the English method.

I’m totally IN!! (don’t I say that alot??!)

I used both hands when doing a Fair Isle Hat recently and I’m completely sold on Conti expecially when doing Fair Isle, but I’m trained in English so I could still use some additional practice. What would we DO without Amy’s videos? Seriously.

I’m thinking I’ll try an easy garter stitch scarf knit horizontally. That would really give me good practice with the Knit stitch Conti-style, but I’ll probably have to swatch something in Stockinette to force me to master that leftyliscious purling!

Hilde when I come to IL, I’m hoping I can watch you and any other ContiKnitters to get some good tips!

omg you do NOT want to watch me purl. I confuse people. Seriously. I’m a total wierdo when it comes to purling. I am really FAST but it’s because I hold my needles totally wierd. People in LYSs have looked at me all squinty going “Oh… hmmm… ah… oh I see…” :rollseyes: KellyK even said I was freaky the first time we met :frowning:

:heart: :heart: Hildie! Of course now I simply MUST see you purl! And if it’s fast, I want to know about it! I’m pretty sure that I purl more slowly than any person on the planet. I’ve timed myself–it takes me 4x longer to purl a row than it does for me to knit one. :frowning:

I knit Conti, so English is my plan. Actually, the English knit stitch is fine, albeit rather slow; again, it’s the purling that gets me! :help:

And I don’t know what we’d do without Amy’s videos! Me personally? I’d still be knitting ktbl (Combination method, actually) and only doing garter stitch.

I’ve always knit English…throwing the yarn with my right hand.

I’ve tried Continental, but it just won’t work for me. I have arthritis in my left hand, so it just ain’t happenin’

Sorry, I can’t participate this time. :frowning:

I still need to finish my felted project for July anyway, so I’ll keep working on that. :wink:


I have actually been practicing my conti knitting on a little swatch…Not sure if I will just keep on truckin’ on that or if I will actually try a project…This has been a goal of mine for a while so this kal will be a great motivator!

Yay Vicki!! :cheering: :cheering:

Angelia, Just an idea…
Here’s a cute thing to do with the swatch we’re supposed to make!

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I love it!!!

I can knit both ways, I first learned how to knit English but prefer cont. and I can purl REALLY fast cont. because I have my left thumb pull the yarn out and on the needle. I can purl at least twice as fast as i can knit. guess i’m wierd huh?
I really want to make that bunny, it’s so cute and my 2 year old wants one :XX: :thumbsup: :cheering:

No, not weird! Or maybe I’m weird, too, because I’m trying to envision how you do that so that I can try it! :wink:

ooo i made one of those bunnies! KK made several. They’re really easy and cute!