KH Monthly Challenge: April

Since so many of us are involved in other KAL projects, April’s challenge is to be a minimilist knitter!

Knit something small—one skein or less!!!

Some links:
1 skein noro neck warmer… scroll down for pattern. (very cute, good for spring)
Lace skull cap from knitty
mini purse
Headband, also from knitty

Wrist warmers, bracelets, baby hats, socklets, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Bonus points for making this a stash buster!!!

I’m in! Especially after going through my stash and discovering I have more yarn than I thought.

I’m in… I did last months KAL but I didn’t have time to post pictures.

this will be easy :happydance:

I’m doing another egg so I guess I’m in! :roflhard:


I saw some felted easter baskets… i suppose those would work if I could find one GIGANTIC skein :slight_smile:

Hmm, maybe I’ll try that mini purse… :thinking:

Eggs! I forgot about the eggs! I need to make some eggs.

I’m already done one! I finished a preemie hat today … it’s not the prettiest, but it’s done!

i think i’m going to make an ipod cozy out of koigu KPPM…yummy!

Count me in! After taking the plunge with the Compassionate Knitting Project knitalong, I now have my courage up to do another one. Small sounds good. :smiley:

I just bought a digital camera from ebay finally! :cheering: I’d love to knit a little drawstring pouch for it. (Anyone have a pattern link???)

Perfect! I’ve already bought one skein of Kureyon, just because, and have decided to make something with it. So I’m in too! samm

Eggs? What eggs? Someone knits eggs? Cool!!! Is there a pattern?! samm

I’m in!! I’m right along with Renna–just finished the Compassionate Knitting KA, and LIKE doing these tiny things!! Think I’ll try the tiny purse in Knitty–I’ve still got sock yarn…I could “bust” my stash, I guess.
And what about these EGGS, Jan??? :thinking:

I’m gonna try some eggs next, but here’s a bunny. Made with not even 1/4th of a skein.

Knitstress_tygher…That is adorable!!! What kind of yarn is that?

very cute and fuzzy

It’s Bernat LuLu… it’s a 100% nylon yarn, that’s nice and soft and fluffy. I got it cheap at last week :slight_smile:

Ellen, which purse in Knitty do you mean? I’d love to find a pattern for a small one. And did anyone ever find out how to knit eggs? :?? samm

I think she means the curlypurly one: :slight_smile:

Thanks, Carolynn! I found the egg pattern. Very eggish! I’d love to try some, but likely next year. I’ve finished all my Easter gifts for this year. I know a little guy who will like those next year. He’ll be just turning two then. samm