KH Mentioned in Woman's World Magazine

…just picked up a copy at the grocery tonight and on page 43 at the bottom there is a short article “Learn a fun new hobby online!” and it says, [COLOR=royalblue]"Try Knitting…with video lessons at [/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue]. There are even lessons for more advance knitters! And when you’re ready to make that scarf or sweater, click on “free patterns.”[/COLOR]

So, there you have it…another KH siting!:thumbsup:

I tried to find an online version but they must not have a site for the mag. I didn’t see a website and when Googled just found places to order a subscription. Either way, it’s out there!

That’s great!!! :cheering::cheering:

that is very cool

What the date on the mag? I have the June 26 copy but its not on page 42?

Page 43, she said…

Woo hoo!!! :cheering::cheering: