KH is Growing Fast

I’ve only been a member of KH for about a month… And I’ve noticed that the member list keeps growing every day. Does anyone know how fast this site has been growing since it lasted last Fall??

Totally!!! Check out the memberlist and watch the number progress by date … :wink: :shock:

well by my rough calculations, KH has steadily been growing at roughly 4 to 5 new members every day until today. that’s pretty fast, imho.


It’s exciting isn’t it? You all can say you were here at the beginning! We launched in November last year, so this is our first Fall season, really, coming up! It will be great to see how much the site grows!

Fun statistics:
:arrow: Our traffic has remained steady since Feb. at 60,000 visitors (“sessions”) per month. In the last month we’ve seen a traffic increase of about 50%! We’re currently at 90,000 per month!

:arrow: Our forum typically has seen 3-6 new members per day, and lately it’s been 9-10 per day.

Yes, the last month or so has seen a definite increase. It appears that “knitting season” is upon us, and more folks are discovering us!

Amy, this is just idle curiousity, but what percentage of the members are active?

You could probably guesstimate active members by seeing how many people have 0 post counts. Or if you can check out Last Visited dates for members and set a deadline, you could check that way too.

hehe that’s why it was an Idle curiousity, if somebody could give me the answer, great, if not, no biggie.

So who’s got a knitting pattern for a cake??? That should be our KAL for Novemeber! :happydance:

I saw a pattern for a pie… would that work? with an I cord candle?

Here you go! :smiley:

dang, it’s "out of stock/unavailable"
dubble bummer! :doh:

awww, I like the cupcakes!
I can’t believe how fast this site is growing - I only joined in March, but I had been lurking since November of last year, so I feel like I’ve been here forever LOL… it’s just been a complete explosion recently - too cool. I think a lot of it has to do with (besides of course, that this is the coolest knitting website out there) the fact that when you do a search (I did mine for knitting+how to) this is one of the first sites that comes up. People come here, and never bother going anywhere else!

We need to have some Knitting Help Big Foam Fingers made up!

We’re Number One!
We’re Number One!

Kelly! That’s sacreligious! Our November knit along can be a cake/pie AND big felted fingers. They’ll have to start out six feet long, however! Hey–the finger can be astashination!!

OK - How about:

:cheering: WE’RE NUMBER ONE [size=2]as compared to all the other knitting sites on the net[/size]!!!
:cheering: WE’RE NUMBER ONE [size=2]as compared to all the other knitting sites on the net[/size]!!!
:cheering: WE’RE NUMBER ONE [size=2]as compared to all the other knitting sites on the net[/size]!!!



No… it’s knot religious at all… unless it’s knitreligious.

Hmm… “Astashination”… might have to add that word to my signature.

:thinking: That sounds like it could be a derivative of my new addition to the knitting dictionary. STASHASSISSINATORS :lol:

That’s what put it in my head. The Stashassassinators can perform astashination.