KH "guests"

Is it unusual for there to be so many guests compared to members logged in on a forum? I noticed this afternoon, there are 676 guests and 65 members on. I think I only “lurked” for a couple of days before joining KH. Then again, KH is the only one I am a member of, but I do visit a few others… so maybe it isn’t unusual.

the spiders that search through the internet and document web pages (for things like google and yahoo) are also considered guests as they search through the forum. A lot of those guests could also be spiders. Though I don’t know what the percent of the ‘guests’ they would be though.

I only log in if I have somethin’ to say :slight_smile:

I think it’s pretty normal to have way more guests than members. Most people just lurk to read how to do this or that and since this is an informative forum, it makes sense. Lots of people just looking for knitting info.

Plus, as Inis said, I don’t always log in either and I’m sure we’re not the only two. :slight_smile:

That’s pretty much the norm for every forum on the web. Lots of folks just curious or not wanting to sign up.

I think Amanda might be right - many guests could be just bots and not actual people reading the forum.