KH Fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina

I’m offering a free KnittingHelp CD-set to folks who donate $50 to the Red Cross via this site. Details here.

Praying for all of the individuals and families suffering right now. :heart:

and make sure you follow Amy’s instructions to the T or you won’t be able to get the CD

(I didn’t - darn it!)

SUCH a good (and generous!) idea, Amy!

I think DH and I are going to make a donation to Noahs Wish…

Marvellous idea, Amy!!

During the 90’s i lived through quite a few hurricane seasons and my family’s home suffered extensive damage during one particularly bad year. It ended up being a 10 mo. rebuild NIGHTMARE. I know a bit about that shock and suffering they’re going through. The pictures and the footage only tell a small portion of how bad it really is…

My heart goes out to them…



KK…about Noahs Wish…I made a donation online today but since it goes through paypal, I’m thinking paypal gets a cut of my donation. :thinking:

What do you think?

That is awesome Amy. :heart:

I’m going to email Amy, but I tried to do this following her directions and didn’t see the space for the gift acknowledgement email. Did anyone else have this problem?

that’s where I screwed up, too, mer!

I think I got it right. I hope :pray:

Thanks Amy for making it easier to help!


I didn’t see a space for gift acknowledgement, either…so I just put the knittinghelp address in the e-mail field. I didn’t really need a confirmation, and I knew they wouldn’t put my CC# on it, anyway. :smiley:

If anyone has things that they want to donate to the Salvation Army for Hurricane Katrina victims, I’d be more than happy to get them there for you. I’ve been there several times and we’re actually planning another run soon. I’m not sure if there are address for people to mail things, but I’ll gladly give out my address (here in the heart of Baton Rouge) if someone needs it. Just a thought. It may help some people who want to donate tangible things.

I’ve been emailing Amy about this–they changed their donation form recently so the acknowledgement thing isn’t there. I never got a confirmation email from the Red Cross either. Did anyone else who donated through their site?

Has anyone heard anymore about an update on whether or not Amy will be able to offer this?
I was going to bring this up @ my Weds. night knitting circle.

I finally got a confirmation email from the Red Cross and forwarded it to Amy–she said she was working on a new system. Hopefully it will be up soon!

Anyone know if Amy is still doing this fundraiser?

I think she still is.

I got an email confirmation from the Red Cross, and I saw that the charge had hit my credit card. I haven’t heard from Amy yet, but I assume she’ll get things sent out when she can.
(I made my contribution on Friday, and with the holiday I assume nothing made it through the post office yet.)

If anyone knows anything different please post.


I just emailed Amy to check on this.

I got my KH CD in yesterday’s mail. :cheering: :happydance:

Thanks for being so prompt Amy! :heart:

I love KH, and you made it easy to help the Red Cross with Hurricane Katrina relief.

Please keep us apprised of the amount of money KH has contributed.

I know there’ll be LOTS of knitted items heading to the Gulf Coast too! :thumbsup: