KH chat

I was wondering, is it just me, or does your computer ‘crash’ when attempting to use this?

I am on ‘Firefox’, would that make a difference?

It works for me with Firefox but I am on a Mac running OS x 10.4.10

I haven’t had any trouble, and i have tried it 3 or 4 times

i am on a PC running IE though

I’m running Firefox on XP and I didn’t have any problems with the chat.

I use Firefox and it’s working okay for me. :shrug:

No problem in firefox here… do you have the most current version?

My laptop uses firefox and it works fine. The desktop (which I use most of the time) has Internet Explorer and it works fine, there too. Maybe it’s your PC?

Make sure you browser has the most recent version of Flash install, as our chat is based upon Flash. You can download and install Flash from herefairly easily. version of Firefox here and no problems at all. Do you have the relevant plug ins installed? (Java etc).

No problem here either, and I don’t even have the newest version of FF