KH button

how do i download the KH button???

right-click & choose “save as”

okay…i’m a dummy…what kh button?!

now what???

Rebecca~ its the first announcement in Gereral Knitting!

(These KH buttons Rebecca.)

KoolBreeze, good question. You could save it as Kelly says, but you’d have to put it up online again to have it show in your blog or wherever. Since it’s already online, it’s probably easier to right click and choose “copy image location.” This will give you the existing online location of each image, and you can insert it as an image, like this:

[img ][ /img]

Just delete the two spaces, which I put in to make the code visible.

thanks amy!! :cheering:

ok that didn’t work… :verysad: maybe i’m the dummy here! I CAN’T MAKE IT APPEAR!!! :wall:

I DON’T HAVE THIS:“copy image location.” so what am i doing wrong?

Oops, I forgot it’s different in Internet Explorer, you have to go through “Properties” which is a PITA.

Okay, I’ve made it easier for you. You can now click on the images and then just copy the image location/address.

Let me know if it works!

it won’t let me paste for some reason… :thinking:
when i do properties and paste that i don’t get the image i just get the code…