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Here’s the concept: If you are a small business owner and a KHer, please PM your business contact information to me. This would include your website address, your KH identity and real name, and the name and type of business you own. I will create a business directory for our KHers so that we can all support each other’s businesses. I would like to have non-knitting and well as knitting-related businesses be included. So, I’ll make two sections.
I’d rather support a fellow small business owner and fellow KHer than a huge big box! Right? RIGHT!!!

Okay, we’ll start here, with:

[B]Knitting-Related Businesses[/B]
The Fuzzy Lamb
[I]Owner[/I] KnittinMitchie (Christine Walters)
[I]Type of Business[/I] We offer LIVE online knitting and crochet class as well as custom made stitch markers and row counters.
My husband Brian and I moderate and maintain the website and I teach all of the classes.

MWhitedesigns / Mary R. White
[I]Owner [/I]MWhite[I] ([/I]Mary White)
[I]Type of Business[/I] Producing full-scale, size-adaptable, written patterns, geared toward the production of tablecloths/covers, shawls and blankets. I also edit patterns for grammar and spelling errors and make samples that I sell in a local Artisans Gallery- The MACK and on Etsy.
I have patterns available for download on Ravelry(Mary R. White’s Ravelry downloads), Patternfish(MWhitedesigns) and Etsy(MWhitedesigns)

[B]Non-Knitting Businesses[/B]
Bonnie Jane Jewelry
[I]Owner[/I] PrincessBonnieJane (Bonnie Jane)
[I]Type of Business[/I] Handmade Shell Jewelry

Hartley Studio
[I]Owner[/I] HartleyStudio (Ann Hartley)
[I]Type of Business[/I] Handmade Jewelry

Mary Kay Cosmetics
[I]Owner[/I] Anngellica (Lori Gibson)
[I]Type of Business [/I]Mary Kay Cosmetics

My Cup of Tea
[I]Owner [/I]MoniDew (Monica Dewart)
[I]Type of Business [/I]Exquisitely Crafted Premium Teas. Also featuring Gift Baskets and Mini Gift Boxes, Tea Collections.


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Done! It sounds to me a like great idea so far! :thumbsup:

BUMP! (just bumping the post, to keep it fresh)


Sounds interesting! Do you know where it will be yet?

you just posted to it! scroll up!


I’ve got a thread in Buy sell swap with stitch markers for sale :slight_smile: If you want to add a link to them :slight_smile:

bump (just keeping the topic fresh, and trying to catch any stragglers that would like to be listed.)

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What a good idea! KHers supporting KHers!!

Monica, maybe the mods could make this a sticky, rather than clogging up the directory with bumps?

Great idea! Mods?
We have a directory for knitting related businesses, but not one for members who own small, non-knitting businesses. Is it time for this to become a sticky?

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