KH Autumn KAL

Due to time constraints and the fact that many projects require more time we’ve decided to do seasonal KH Knit-a-longs instead of monthly at least for awhile. :slight_smile: We will be posting new ones in September, December, March and June.

This month for our Autumn KAL lets get started with our holiday projects. We’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up soon. Too soon!! What would you like to knit? Here’s some ideas and be sure to add your own ideas if you have them because there are dozens more than what I’ve added.


Pumpkins (mine, but there are more)
Pumpkin hats
Fair Isle cat hat


Turkey Hat
Another turkey Hat (and more)
Felted Turkey
Turkey finger puppet
Christmas[/B] [B]or other religious holiday[/B]

Snowman and Mini Stockings
Ornament covers
Bear Ornaments
Large Felted Stockings
Mittens ornament
Tiny Sweater ornaments
Tree hat and elf booties
Star of David dishcloth

I think this is a great idea! I was going to knit some dishcloths for guests at Thanksgiving and also thought about some stockings for the kids. Not sure what I’ll be able to get done though.

Yay! Seasonal KALs will be a lot more fun than monthly KALs, because we will be able to make larger projects, and have more time to make them! :thumbsup:

I guess I’m doing the Christmas thing…making vintage style stockings for a commission. I’m also making the Bernat Star Afghan for my step-son.

Here’s the photo of the star afghan from the free pattern online. I’m so excited about making that! My step-son has been asking for a red and black afghan for a long time. I’ll make this star afghan with red, gray, and black yarns.

Wow that is one BIG afghan!

I want to make some ornaments. I know I made a little scarf before and a candy cane with I-cords. I think I’ll make those and see what others I want to make.

Great idea!

I’ve been so busy trying finish up projects to send with our mission team, I haven’t done anything for Christmas - will knit some snowflakes & lace bookmarks for friends. The bear ornaments & star of David cloths will be great for me to take on my mission trip next year. I was just thinking about Jan’s pumpkins and want to make some for my kiddos.

If you like stars these would be cute for placemats, coasters or whatever as gifts!

that snowman’s adorable… been wondering what to make for my nephews :slight_smile:

For Christmas I will be making ornaments from Knit Simple Holiday 2009. They are small, quick, simple projects! I am starting with the Santa Hat. Anybody else knitting these/have questions about this?

I’ve always wanted to make a Santa hat, but never get around to it. Can’t wait to see yours! :slight_smile:

Here’s how far I’ve gotten with the star afghan:

Sandy, that looks great! The red really pops - I like it! How many more rounds do you plan to do? It looks like it’s getting pretty big already, but the one you posted earlier upthread was HUGE. Here’s what I’m working on in the holiday-themed arena:

just a few holiday dishcloths for my mom and sister. I’m hoping to get them done before the Thanksgiving weekend so I can give them to them then. :happydance:

Wow Sandy! I really have to give you props for this project!
Oh my, it really takes the patience of Job, eh! It’s looking great, and I love the 3 colors together! Classy, and masculine at the same time! Looks like you’ve got 3 or 4 circs rollin’?

Thanks! The afghan is for my step-son, and he has requested red and black. I’ve added gray as the third color to tone it down a bit. I’m very happy with the way it is turning out. There are about 30 rounds left, so I’m getting there! :thumbsup:

Thanks Dollyce! :slight_smile:
I put the blanket on 6 circs for this photo, so the shape and size could be seen in the photo. I’m actually knitting it with just 2 very long circs. (40 inch, size 10 Addis)

I finished the Bernat Star Afghan!
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

Now, I’m concentrating on finishing up the Christmas stockings.

:cheering: Woo-Hoo Sandy!! :yay: That looks awesome!! :woot: I’m sure he’ll love it!

Thanks! :muah:

Now, I’m focusing on the Christmas stockings, and they are coming along well.