Kgarrison you introduce yourself right now!

Im SOOO happy! :cheering: I just saw that KGarrison is our newest member!

Karen is a very good friend that just spent the weekend as my shopping buddy, cuddling with pooches, and then she trusted ME to teach her to knit! :shock:

She is also a very generous and kind individual who flies all the way from KANSAS to sit on our Board of Directors. (OH BOY…I dont think she knows about the KNOTTY side of KellyK yet!! :shifty: )

If Howie loves her, she CANT be bad! :heart:

Isn’t that her picture with Howie?

well, yeah…I took that over the weekend.

Welcome Karen:) Good to have you here!

wishes Howie would snuggle in my lap while I knit[/size]

Oh Kaaaaaarrrreeennnnnnn! Welcome! Any friend of KK’s is a friend of ours!
Psst, when she ain’t lookin’, I bet you could coax Howie to come live with you by only using a can of Vienna sausages! heeheehee
Welcome Welcome Welcome!!

Welcome Karen. Kk I seen your work I would certainly be honored had you taught me to knit. Actually I am still learning and from most people on this board.

If Howie likes you then that is one heck of a paws up. Animals arent complicated they know what the like.

:waving: Welcome Karen!!! :smiley:

Hm :thinking: Did we scare her off already??? :rofling: Oh Karen? Karen? We are looooooking for yooouuuu… :waving:

Hi Karen! Karen??? Where are you??? Is KK making up an imaginary friend like fodlebird? That picture could be anyone.

She only joined yesterday, ladies, and I have a feeling she may be pouring over the videos…I have emailed her with a link to the warm welcome I knew you would all give her…she’ll be here soon.

Hello Karen! So glad to have you here.

Know any good dirt about Kelly? :wink:

:eyebrow: If not, we do… :roflhard:


:rofling: :rofling:

Yeah…Im afraid YOU guys have all the dirt on me… :oo:

he.he.he :devil:

:cheering: welcome, Karen!!! you will love it here!!! :cheering:

ekgheiy taps her foot w/ her hand on her hip

…looks at KK

…looks at clock

…looks at the door

…tap - …tap - …tap - …tap - :zzz:

I KNOW!!! Where the HECK is she??? Ill tap along with ya…

Thank you for all the kind messages…I am sorry I have not replied before now but I have been trying to get my mother settled into a Healthcare Center the past couple of days. She is the reason that I have taken up knitting - she use to do beautiful work before she was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Kelly is a great and very patient teacher and I always look forward to spending time with her when I am in Chicago. Her dogs are wonderful friends and her husband is great. The only dirt I will share about Kelly at this point is that she doesn’t know the difference betwwen a golf ball and a tennis ball (just kidding). Sorry Kelly but I couldn’t resist!

Karen :XX:

YAYYY! Hi Karen!!!

The sad thing is you ARENT kidding…its TRUE! I dont know the difference. I think one is fuzzy… :??