KFK is back from the dead


Wow! We are having wind and rain, wind is 30 mph gusting to 45! Nasty and dark out there. DH is taking a day off, and I’m hoping we can go see The Golden Compass today. If I was up to snuff on computers I’d put a link!! I love that book and the series its part of by Phillip Pullman.

Good news on the vest, when I frogged it back the last time it must have been enough because I sat there last night and completed one long set of cables and it came out right. All except one wrong twist on the last row, which will be easy enough to fix. I was watching a good British mystery with DH and knitting at the same time, which is not really the best way to do this particular project - it is one of those things I really have to watch the chart for.

I have not chosen a project to take to India with me. It will be hot except for the last 3 days in Nepal, so it has to be a summer weight thing or else I won’t feel like doing it. I have a lace scarf pattern designed to be used with self-patterning sock yarn, so it will probably be that. I need to cast on for it and see if its entertaining enough and not needful of too much concentration.

Oh, and I found my nightgown :eyes: it was rolled in the very bottom of my backpack, under all my multitudes of pill bottles. I thought I was going nuts!

We leave on Wednesday…


India! Somehow I missed that you were traveling again. How cool! Is this business for one of you or just a pleasure trip?

There are some projects I don’t even try while watching TV. A simple cable might be okay, but multiple or chart following probably not. :teehee:


Yep, we are leaving Weds… we are going on a pilgrimmage, so its not exactly business OR vacation. So we will be staying at a monastery in the south for part of the time, then going to the holy sites of Buddhism in the north. I have a feeling its gonna be strenuous!

I feel proud of myself for fixing a funky cable change in a way I hadn’t tried before. I caught it at the end of the row, so I just slipped all the sts until I got to the bad cable, and then un-knit the 4 sts involved - there was a loop of yarn there that had been in the sts, so I re-knitted them properly, slipped everything back and voila!:blooby: Probably everybody does it that way… Previously, I have been ripping out the row… or unknitting every st til I got to the problem.

Got some more done on the vest tonight, but am getting a bit frazzled, so am about to pick up the simple scarf and watch muppet Christmas with the dh, dsks and des (dear exchange student!)

BTW Golden Compass was great! cloud9


Wow, good for you for fixing that cable! It sounds scary, but is probably one of those things that sound more complicated that it is. :yay:

Have fun on your trip!


Hello to anyone reading my blog - I am in Patna India tonight missing my knitting friends. I saw one yarn shop in Varanasi but we are with a guide in a car and everything goes by too fast to say stop here!. In Bangalore I saw an east Asian tourist casting on in the lobby, and today I saw 2 women sitting by the side of the road knitting, (everyone does everything by the side of the road!!) one was working on what appeared to be a striped pullover! So knitting lives even here. I thought it would be way too hot to knit in India but actually its rather cool, with temps in the 60’s in the mornings and late afternoons, cooler at night. Maybe 75* in the hottest part of the day. Thank heavens for that, it makes everything much nicer than it would be in summer.
Our first 2 weeks were in the south, and surpsingly it was not hot there either. We have been on some hair-raising roads! In the south our drivers were Tibetans from the settlements, and we stayed in the Tibetan communities for more than a week. I have pictures I will post when I get home. We saw beautiful temples beyond description. We had a lot of fun with our tour-mates who were all from Mexico. Most of them spoke English and they were all incredibly sweet. No knitters as far as I could tell, although one woman brought a present of socks hand-knitted by her mother for one of the Tibetan Lamas.
When that part of the trip was done, we flew to Varanasi and its a whole different world here. Whereas in the south it was crazy and hectic, chaotic and certainly dirty and polluted, all that is 10 times more intense here. In retrospect the south seems clean and healthy. Our Tibetan drivers were excellent and we appreciated them at the time, but now we positively revere them - and wish our North Indian driver could be replaced with one of them.
To be fair I have not seen anyone who is obviously malnourished. I don’t want to seem negative, we have seen some very beautiful sights. Its just that the infrastructure is completely overburdened.
As for the wonderful sights in the north, we have seen the place where the Buddha got enlightened, and the place where he preached his first sermon. There are lots of pilgrims from all over the world visiting. Today we saw Vulture peak, the site of many of Buddha’s sermons. All of these have been wonderful and moving.
My own knitting on this trip has stalled out. I ought to have gotten a better start before I left home, because I realize the addi natural circular needle I brought is not right with the cotton sock yarn I am using for the lace scarf pattern I picked out. The points are too rounded so I just gave up. Wish I had brought the wooden KP options, but I have had a couple of times when I’ve had to replace one and didn’t want to have problems with them here. Oh well, I will appreciate my knitting all the more when I get home.
Bye for now! :waving:


Sounds like a wonderful trip! :slight_smile:


Ooo sounds like so much fun! I’m glad you’re having a good time!:yay:


Wow! What a fantastic experience!


Home again home again jigity jog - have been on a lot of jigs and jogs since leaving!

Hope all is well with all my knitting friends. Came home to an extra 2 ft of snow, its lovely! I guess Flag hasn’t had this much snow that has lasted in years. Kind of a change from the weather we have had on our trip - in Nepal it was cold-ish, 40-60*. We were there for 4 days at the end of the trip. Nepal is really neat. I saw quite a few women knitting. The only one I was close enough to ask did not want her picture taken. She was knitting a glove in heavy weight wool in several colors.

I am not quite all here yet (OK no wise cracks!) since my timing is all off from travel. Have gotten unpacked and even got my suitcase put away - that’s progress! Have done a few loads of clothes and some hand washing of the various scarves and shawls that kept me warm on the trip. Of course I could not resist the pashmina shawls - got 2, one in multicolor stripes with a jaquard paisley pattern, and one with a GIANT paisley covering the whole thing, in salmon, maroon and turquoise cloud9

I saw 2 yarn shops on the trip, flashing past me as we were driven through the crazy traffic. Would have loved to check them out. They appeared to be catering to folks who knit for practical purposes. I think to be able to really explore those kinds of places, you’d have to actually live there. The thing is, there are no sidewalks to speak of, and it entails being brave enough to walk in the road.

So many things to share I don’t know where to begin. I was saddened by the extreme pollution of air, water and land… the bright individuals who came up with the ubiquitous [I]plastic bag [/I]and [I]plastic water bottle [/I]should be required to come up with a way to get rid of them. I suppose we don’t see them here because of land fills, but they never go away - and in India and Nepal (and Thailand for that matter, and …and… and…) they are covering the ground everywhere. Those folks are used to throwing things on the ground because something will eat just about anything… in the tropics things biodegrade… but not plastic bags/bottles. I have fantasies of a recycling company that employs thousands of people to pick up bags/bottles - labor is very cheap there…and then recycles them into all the stuff that can be made, such as building materials and fleece.

Anyway, many good and fun things were on this trip - fantastic food (I gained weight :yadda:) in fact I’ve been online ordering ingredients for yummy Indian recipes! All our souvenirs made it here in fine shape. It will be fun getting things to friends and family.

The spiritual stuff is hard to explain or describe - we had the opportunity to hang out in some really holy places. I hesitate to put the feelings into words - it might not do justice.

Anyway wanted to touch base, will write more soon! Itching to get back to my projects!!


I’m glad you’re home safely! Sounds like such a fun trip, but I’m sure it’s nice to be home now for a while.


Definitely an experience of a lifetime. Maybe it’s good that you couldn’t knit or you’d have been looking at your hands the whole time. :teehee:

It would have been interesting to check out the local shops, though, just to see what was available.


Welcome home! :muah:


:teehee: Heehee well I just DARNED 2 prs of socks - one was the 2nd pair I ever made, before I knew about reinforcing yarn. Luckily I had some reinforcing yarn from a recent pair and I put that together with the leftover yarn from the orig pair. Came out looking fine - the socks are made from alpaca, which I would not really recommend, it self-felts :slight_smile: However, felted socks are warm and comfy! Speaking of which I am attempting to felt another pair made by a friend that are about an inch too long. Of course I take the chance of making a pair that are an inch or more too short! When I get 'em outta the wash I will stretch and shape in hopes of achieving the right size.


I think alpaca socks would feel heavenly–felted or not. So soft! I just might have to make a pair for around the house. :happydance:


Hey! I figured out, finally, after knitting one whole sock in this pattern and starting the second, the trick to doing a p3tog. Purling 3 together is pretty hard, I have always been ok getting the needle through the 1st 2 sts but the third one was so slippery and tight.

SO here it is - the trick is to grab the fabric under those 3 sts, with the thumb and middle finger, and tug downward. That stretches the sts and makes room for the needle to go through all 3. I even had DH take a pic! So you can see my thumb in front, and just believe me, my middle finger is on the other side grabbing that fabric like a sonof agun. :mrgreen:




:woot: I got invited to Ravelry! I am KungFuKnitter there. Have not had a moment to even set up a profile or nuthin’

Have been busy with school and writing. Did some knitting on the everlasting little shell sock, the hard part is more than halfway done.

We have had SO MUCH SNOW! The forecast for tomorrow says no snow and above freezing, which is great because I am driving to Phoenix to meet a friend. It is a 2.5 hr drive one way. While there I’m gonna make a field trip to Costco cloud9

DH is going thru pics taken in India to send to his mom. She does not have a computer (yet) so we need to get hard copies of them to send her.

I have not sized all of mine yet. I am attaching a few that have been sized. Actually the one of me and DH was taken in Nepal.

Oh well, only the camels uploaded. This was taken fronm the back seat of the car we were in :slight_smile:
Will post the others next.


Turns out that one of the pics uploaded :slight_smile:

Will try this again tomorrow to get the other one when my eyes are not so bleary!


Made it OK to Phoenix and back - no snow. But fog, and I don’t mean on the road :whoosh:Fibrofog is back - shish - I sometimes know when I have it, and sometimes don’t. This was not clear to me until recently. Last night I completely forgot that our newly organized meditation group was meeting. And today i almost ran out of gas on the road due to miscalculating how much gas was in the tank. I could tell my driving was not that great either. glad to get home! Also little tasks like uploading pics become really challenging :eyes:

Ok, am going to try uploading that other pic again :slight_smile:


How cool! India I mean not the fog problem (??).