HELP!! Please give detailed instructions on how to do KFBW2

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It could be knit front and back, wrap yarn round the needle twice (Wrap 2). Have you checked at the beginning and end of the pattern for a list of abbreviations?
What is the name of your pattern?

The instruction is:

Row 7: KFBW2, KW2 to 1 stitch before SM …

When you KFB, do you wrap around after you go through the second time, or both times?

Thanks again!

OK so it looks like this pattern, about halfway down the page, the Vanilla Scarf.

Right before the pattern begins there is a list of abbreviations, some of which may be particular to this pattern. For KFBW2 and KW2 the pattern says:
KW2 = knit wrapping yarn around needle twice
KFBW2= knit into front and back of stitch, wrapping yarn around
needle twice for both stitches