Kfb without the bar

I’ve tried this and like it much better than the usual Kfb. You don’t get the bar in front of the stitch this way. Such clever knitters to think up this kind of thing!


I saw that and it looks great! I don’t mind the bar of KFB for some things. It can be a design feature, but sometimes not so much.

I agree about using it as part of a design. I’ve just seen it on a top down baby cardigan and it looks fine when you see it stack up on every other row.

That is fascinating Salmonmac!
I am knitting the 1898 hat that has kfb on the brim.
I have already done about 5 rows with
That incr…i wonder if I now switched if it would
Make a difference with the ear flaps.

It would look different. I used the kfb also on the 1898 hat. Because it’s used over several rows, I feel it’s not as obtrusive as single kfb used as say, sleeve increases.
If you try this new method with the 1898, let us know how it turns out.

Thanks for this, I’ll remember it for future projects - a very neat increase :relaxed:

I think I will try it with the next one I knit.
You will be the first to know how it turned out!

For some reason this leaves holes in my work and I don’t know why. I mean really noticeable holes. I really think when I tried it I did just as demoed in the video. Any ideas about why I get holes and nobody else seems to?

See if the photos here help any:

I’m a fairly loose knitter but I don’t see holes with this modified kfb.