Kfb v CO in middle of work? (and BO help)

Hello there! I’ve come across a problem and I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out with it :smiley: I’ve been given these rows in a pattern:

P23, bind off 18 sts purlwise, purl across.
K23, cast on 12 sts, k23: 58 sts

I’m not really sure how to cast on in the middle of my work. I’ve searched the forums and people’s descriptions of how to accomplish this sound very much like ‘Kfb’ (unless I’m going crazy!), so my question is: are they actually the same thing? I’m just confused because ‘Kfb’ is also used elsewhere in the pattern so I’m not sure why the pattern would refer to the same thing as ‘Kfb’ and ‘cast on’ in the middle of the work.

Also, how would I bind off purlwise? Would I purl 2 and then pull the first stitch over the second and over the needle just like in a ‘normal’ bind off?

Thank you very much!

Yes, you’re correct about how to bind off purlwise. What you’re doing is making an opening in the work. You will bind off purlwise.

This is what I do when casting on more stitches. I knit the row up until the opening. I turn my work around so the purl side is facing me. I take my right needle and knit a stitch. I don’t slide the stitch off the needle like I normally do. I leave it on the needle and put the stitch I just knitted back on the left needle in front of it. You can stretch the loop out if you want to and then tighten it up again after you put it back on the needle. I insert my right needle in between the old stitch and the new one I just put on. Draw up a loop. Put the second new stitch back on the right hand needle. For the third stitch, I insert the needle between the two new stitches that are there, draw up a loop, put it on, etc. I just keep going like that until I have the right number of stitches back on the needle. I then turn the work around so the knit side is toward me. I join the cast on stitches to the next unworked set of stitches of the row. It will look a little gappy, but that gap between the cast on stitches and the unworked ones will tighten up when you do your next row. Be sure to count your stitches after you’ve cast on the number required. Be sure you have the same number of stitches on your needle as when you started doing the bind off.

I followed your instructions and it worked, thank you very much!