Kfb - knit into front & back of same stitch

I am fairly new to knitting and am trying to make a felted “Lucy Bag” the instructions tell to “kfb” I have looked in all my knitting books and they don’t tell me how to do this. I have made several scarf’s and purses and have got the knitting and purling down pretty good. I do crochet a lot, but the knitting instructions have got me :shrug: stumped at time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Check here. Scroll down the left hand column until you find that abbreviation! :thumbsup:

It’s an increase and a very common one; most books would show that, although it’s sometimes called a bar increase because it makes a little `bar’ that’s the foundation of the new stitch. Look at the videos here - http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/abbreviations_explained/ - for instructions on how to do it.


Thank you so much Sue, I found the glossary and watched the video, this place is wonderful! Wish I had found it sooner!