KFB doesn’t seem to work


I’m a relatively inexperienced knitter-my pattern says cast on 8, purl 8 then kfb 8 to increase to 16. I know how to KFb but I never seem to get the nice joined stitch of a picture-it ends up being a stitch and a half not a clean extra stitch. Is this normal?

Thank you all in advance!

Could you post a photo showing what it looks like?

See in the first photo it’s the stitch added but it’s not too complete stitches-it’s almost like it’s not fully secured as the original stitch one was that I added one from.

Thank you

Looks like your making a bobble. If it is, I keep the yarn relatively tight and then when I purl them altogether on the next row they seem to settle. 8 is a lot for a bobble I might be inclined to try a mixture of k & p in the bobble. Hope this helps

Kfb isn’t going to give you a fresh new stitch. It’s always going to be a stitch growing out of another stitch.

If you want a new stitch you could use a make 1 (M1) although that won’t work in this pattern row.

What is the name of your pattern?


https://www.lovecrafts.com/en-gb/p/little-christmas-tree-knitting-pattern-by-amanda-berryIt’s a Christmas tree pattern by amanda berry

I’ve tried to paste a link there-I actually think you’ve reassured me enough it’s not a full stitch tbh-it’s probably I need to improve my overall skills so my yarn is tighter and neater (it ends up being loose in places and tight in others)

Thank you x

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Thanks so much for this video!! I’ve never heard of that alternative before!!


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Bear in mind M1 increases are also not interchangeable with kfb within the same pattern, as they’ll throw your stitch count off. Sometimes you can do some maths so you can substitute one for the other, but not always.