Help! I’m a pretty new knitter. I want to knit a birthday crown for my daughters first birthday, Sunday. The pattern I have looks easy and simple except for one thing… kfab? What is it and how do I do it? I’ve read a little about stitching in the front and back. How is that possible though? Thanks for your help! If anyone has an even easier pattern, I would be very grateful! :muah:

Go here (it is the Glossary tab at the top of this page :thumbsup: ) and scroll down in the first collumn you will see a video for K f&b. that’s what you are looking for! :cheering:

It’s usually written ‘kfb’ but I’m pretty sure that ‘kfab’ means the same thing – knit into front and back of stitch. You will find a video for this stitch on this page, listed alphabetically.

Thanks ! Of course I found the site after i posted! It still looks REALLY hard to do! I don’t quite see how to do the back stitch? AHHH! :shrug:

Just knit the stitch as usual, but instead of slipping it off of the left (if you’re a right handed knitter) needle, insert the right needle (with the already knitted front loop on it) again into the same stitch still on the left needle through the back of the loop and knit as usual. Then you can slip the original stitch off of the left needle.
Hope this makes sense and helps!

Be Happy ~ Knit on ! :happydance: