keyhole scarf

Hi all,
I am a little confused and hope someone can explain I am knitting the Keyhole scarf by Emily Turcotte. I have knitted for the 4 inches it states then it says Next Row: Work back and forth on the first 7 sts only in ribbing as established for 3 inches. Cut yarn. Reattach yarn to the remaining 7 sts CONFUSED HERE!! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

So as a example if your doing 1× rib (knit 1, purl 1) . You would k1, p1, k1, p1,k1, p1, k1. Then u turn your work as u would to start another row. And being the ribbing on those 7 stitches again and continue back and forth.

Please message me if u need more help

You’re going to be knitting one side of the opening in the keyhole for 3 inches, then holding those 7 sts either on the needle or on a stitch holder. Now you need to go back to the 7 sts that were left unworked on the left needle when you turned, reattach a yarn end and knit for 3 inches on the other side of the keyhole. Once the second set of 7sts is 3 inches you’ll work a row across all 14sts to join then and continue with the scarf.
When you reattach a new strand of yarn, leave about a 6 inch tail to weave in later and just start knitting with the new strand.
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Thanks ladies! I have knitting class today and will go over it with them,
And Salmonmac I didn’t see anyway to remove my email. Thanks I know now for next time