Key of Life Shawl

Has anyone knit the Key of Life Shawl? I’m stuck on the set-up row for semicircle 5A. Haven’t had any trouble up to this point, butI can’t understand the directions for the set-up row. Several attempts at different interpretations have left me confused and completely stopped. Maybe my pattern has an error or more likely I’m just not understanding. Wondering if someone could provide some insight or instruction on how to proceed. Appreciate anyone who has completed this project offering advice!

I haven’t made it, but on Ravelry there are 111 projects which often helps. You can see what others have done.

Plus there is a Ravelry discussion group where you may find more info.

In addition to those you can post a few lines of the set up you’re having trouble with here. Don’t post the pattern though because it’s a copyright violation.

Jan, you were right. Thanks for the good advice. For some reason I was just having a mental block. Thanks!

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