Key hole scarf

I should have taken a picture of it before the kid I gave it to left this morning. It’s pretty though and all rainbow-y. I used a cheapy red heart super saver yarn

and I used this pattern the first keyhole scarf on there. Anyhow I found it a little short for adults since it’s only like 26ish inches long. I’m making another one for an adult in some soft yarn I bought last year. I think I might increase it by five inches on either end. The pattern never really said what size needles but I used 10’s and it worked out fine.

I bet it was really nice!

Here’s the start of the adult keyhole scarf I’m going to make. It looks lighter then it appears. I had to do my camera on action mode cause I was being dumb and not holding still lol

Very pretty! Can’t wait to see the FO.

I have a hard time getting accurate colors on my camera too when I have it on anti-shake mode. I can pretty much only do it if I take the picture outdoors on a sunny day.

Love that pattern … looks very nice. I may have to make one like that for myself!

:happydance:it looks great!