Kerchief troubles

I am a beginner knitter. I am making a kerchief for my daughter. Somehow I got my work turned around and purled where I where I should have knitted or Vice versa. Of course I’m not experienced enough to know I did something wrong as I thought it might be part of the pattern (well, not the case).

Is the only remedy to pull it out and start over?!

What pattern are you using? Personally I think this looks great. It looks like sections of garter stitch alternating with sections of stockinette stitch which is pretty common. I see no problem. I understand something is wrong but I just don’t see what. Seeing the pattern could help.

Sometimes I make mistakes using patterns and decide what I did is something I like. It’s possible you could just continue alternating garter and stockinette sections and end up with a wonderful kerchief.


I agree, I think it looks fine. I would just put garter rows into the design……make it your own😉


If you want the project to be exactly as the pattern then, yes, ripping it all out and reworking in the correct stitch is the only solution here.
However, as the others have said, it looks lovely and there is nothing wrong with adding your own design features such as a section in a different stitch pattern.

The outer edge of this fabric is in garter, this is knit every row, right side and wrong side. The result is a line of waves with a gap between, if you stretch it out the waves part and a row of Vs can be seen between the rows of purl bumps.

The main fabric is stockinette, rows and columns of V shapes. This is knit on the right side row and purl on the wrong side row.

The stripe or section of a different texture is called reverse stockinette. It is made by purling on the right side and knitting on the wrong side. Purls look like bumps or lines across. It is more closely packed than garter stitch.

As you become more experienced you will easily recognise the difference between the knits and purls. For this piece if you are looking at knits, Vs, then knit that row. If you are looking st purls, bumps, then purl that row.
With a more complex pattern it can help to put a stitch marker or bit of yarn on the right side of the fabric to help remind you which side is which.

Your knitting is lovely and even and so neat!
I would leave the purled section as a design feature and either do the rest in plain knit with the garter boarder, or do another panel of reverse stockinette later on.


As Bob Ross said, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents! It looks lovely as it is and if it had continuous alternating stripes of stocking/garter stitch going up it would be quite striking. But as Creations said, if you really want it to look like the original pattern, you will have to rip it out. It’s up to you, in any case :slight_smile:


I saw what I thought was garter stitch but you’re right, it looks like reverse stockinette. I like it as it is! Frogging isn’t necessary IMHO. This knitting is lovely, I’m jealous since my tension is never that even.