Kenobi Jacket from Knitscene Spring 07

O_O Can’t believe I’m actually starting a KAL.

Anyway, I love this pattern and am interested in knitting it.

Won’t cast on yet, because the weather’s very very erm…shitty out there (we have a blizzard warning going on for the weekend >_<), but I’m determined to make it.

I’ll probably use Caron Simply Soft. I’m debating between three colors at the moment.

So…anyone on board?


Allrighty. I’ll be casting on for this one tomorrow.
I ended up picking SS in dark sage.

I cast on for this the other day and have barely made above 3 inches of work. My carpal tunnel has been acting up on me again :!!!:

This is the first time I try knitting something with double-stranded yarn and it’s taking me a while to get used to the thicker work (not to mention size 10 needles, never had to use 'em before).

For those of you wanting to make this jacket, use stitch markers for the first few rounds until you can clearly read where you have to change the patterns (it goes from moss stitch, to 1x1 rib to reverse stockinette, to moss st, to 3x3 rib, to reverse again, to regular stockinette…it’s kinda dizzying to follow at first). It helped me a lot.

That’s a very cool sweater jacket. If you click on bonus photos, there is a picture of a guy wearing the jacket and it looks like its held together with a chopstick! Very cute. :happydance:
Hope to see photos of your progress.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: that sweater!

It is on my list of things to knit, but I recently put myself on a budget so I wont buy the yarn for this until I’ve finished a few WIP’s and made a dent in my stash. Besides, I’m still wishy washy on what yarn and color to make!!!

This is how far I’ve gotten. That extra bit of garter stitch on the lower left corner was a mistake while reading the pattern changes. I decided not to correct it, since it keeps the stockinette from curling so much.

i started mine in Malabrigo and didn’t like the fabric, so tried out the Ultra Alpaca and liked it. I ordered 20 hanks of Pea Soup Mix

but haven’t picked it up yet, but now have to make the Dana Bag first as I am verifying the yarn amounts for Berroco. I posted about that little adventure here

I digress! I made it into about 8 inches of it before I decided against the Malabrigo and I LOVE the pattern and will definitely be making it, but don’t know when! It’s a super fun pattern and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jacket!

Take your time hon. Considering this is my first attempt at an actual garment, it’s gonna take me a looooooooong time :teehee:

It’s frogging time… :frog:

I have about 12in. of the back done. I finally got into a rhythm and kept knitting and knitting.
Then I laid it flat and noticed that in order to compensate for the change of patterns I’d messed up my gauge big time.
One end of the piece is 11 in. and the other one’s nearing 12.

So… :frog: :frog: :frog: :frog:


I can definitely sympathise…but keep on with it, it’s a gorgeous jacket!

Maybe this will inspire a bit of hope:

That’s my finished Kenobi back piece…notice I added a cable in the rev st st part…it kept me from going nuts with monotony.

I really like the look of it…I plan on letting it wrap over the shoulder onto the front.

And I just started one of the front pieces yesterday…so far so good!

I love the cables you added :heart:

I re-started the back of mine and have completed about 4 inches of the pattern so far. As a variation for mine, I did 4 rows of 3x3 ribbing on the bottom before starting the pattern.
I like the asymetrical look of the sweater, but my ever-controlling mind wishes for some eveness at the bottom :teehee: