Kenner Toy Knitting machine

I bought a Kenner toy knitting machine off of ebay. NO instructions how to put it together. Does anyone know how??

OK, I know you can download instruction manuals for electronics, etc. Is there a possibility you can go to Kenner’s website and either find instruction downloads there or contact their customer service to see if you can get a copy?

Never had one of these, so I’m no help as to actually putting it together.

OK, just was looking at “Kenner toy knitting machine”, and all I came up with was vintage toys. Is this a vintage toy? had a listing…maybe they can help you out. Otherwise see if you can find someone else that has one for sale and ask if they can copy the instruction manual for you - or contact the ebay seller and see if the instructions were supposed to be in there and got left out while they were getting the thing ready to sell.