Kemp's stretchy needles

So I ordered these this weekend and they are on their way to me. I have some knitpicks sock yarn. Can anyone suggest a pattern that would work well on these needles (Size #2 I believe) as well as a newbie sock knitter :slight_smile:


I’m making these now and LOVING doing it. They’re my 4th pair. She says intermediate, but take a look. The pattern is 12 repeating rows, and 8 of them are either all knit or all purl.

Socks are addictive!

I think that most any sock pattern is going to work with those needles. I’ve not tried mine yet, but I’m looking forward to it!
Horve1’s selection would be great, I think :wink:

There is a pattern especially for those circs here so you can see what parts of the socks you will need to work back and forth and put some sts on a holder or switch to dpn’s. I’m with the others though…any pattern will work so go with something you like!

Horve1…I would LOVE to see your happy socks when they are done :slight_smile:

I’m using one of the stretchy circulars right now (from Kemp) and it makes the sock knit up so much faster, BUT the pattern I used called for 60 stitches to be cast on, and the needle seems a little bit too long and the stitches are kind of hard to move around, but I still like it way better than the dpn’s, OR magic loop OR using 2 circs. I think any pattern can be used, I just put markers on at the places that would have been separated by the 3 dpn’s. Now that company just needs to come up with other sizes!

I agree! I wish they had 1’s and 0’s! JLC…would you consider copying and pasting your comment here into the product reviews section at the site? I get a lot of questions about these and it would be nice to be able to show an opinion other than mine :blush:

Done, Kemp!

Thank you!

:cheering: my Kemp’s divalicious stretchy circs arrived this morning =D However I’ve left the sock in progress at home! :doh: I do have the other ball of yarn with me tho so gonna go cast on the stitches for sock number 2 - hopefully I can work with it / silvers sock tutorial and have two socks soon =D

:cheering: :cheering: WTG, I can’t wait to work with my stretchies…as soon as I’m done with KWC I have to have a sock fix :wink:

I got mine on friday. then realized that I only had enough yarn for one sock. That I my nails are too long (getting in the way) so I’m going to order some more sock yarn and get my nails trimmed down on saturday and give them a try.

I’ve got long nails too except for my left thumb and right index finger in order to knit
Yes, it looks a bit weird if you know it, but there’s noway I would trim them completly :lol:

P.S.: I’m really tempted to buy those needles…